The Zoom B1 Four

I see the best usage pattern differently: Create your own patches and switch between them in memory mode. But that is just personal preference.

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Guys I got a problem with the loop function - it used to count in “pik pik pik pik” when I started recording but now it just starts as soon as I hit the pedal. Anybody know what might be up?

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Sure, you can still do that with stomp mode too, having multiple patches with different effects chains is good.

The difference which makes stomp mode so good is that you can then individually bypass or tweak the effects while using the same patch, like on a pedal board. But like I said, it makes more difference on the B3n than the B1. You could also mimic this with multiple patches if you had a small number of permutations you cared about, but stomp mode is more flexible for it.

If you never change the effects or turn any of them on or off, then sure - just use patches.


Press the rhythm button to get to the drum machine and turn the mid parameter button (one of the four black round knobs) to ON. I think it says COUNT on the display. This then turns on your count in for the looper


@Barney Oh you hero - thanks man :+1: