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Here’s some raw footage from a first-time meetup/audition/rehearsal (?) of the blues band I hope to become a part of.

That’s me on bass, obviously.

I think it turned out pretty good, especially considering that this was literally the first time we had ever met each other; we were just given a list of tunes by the bandleader (guitar/vocals @ stage right) a few days in advance and told when and where to meet.

On the front end, I felt slightly outclassed since the BL has gigged with much better-qualified folks in the past, including some NOLA pros. Also, the guitarist @ stage left mentioned something about having worked as a studio musician. So, I felt like a rank amateur in comparison. The drummer has played since childhood; I’ve been on bass since January of this year! Oh, and I’m still recovering from the flu :face_with_thermometer:

Listening back, though, I realize that I’m pretty much holding my own — not making any more mistakes than anyone else, I guess.

1st time together with the new band


wow this sounds fantastic @thebanjoplayer !!!


Thanks :pray:t2:

Sounds great.

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You are definitely holding your own @thebanjoplayer and then some! Sounds great!

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For some reason it keeps saying that the video is private @thebanjoplayer ?.
Cheers Brian

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Yeah. Unfortunately, the bandleader, who is the video owner, pulled it down shortly after posting it for us to see. I didn’t know that was his plan, or I wouldn’t have put it up on BB. Sorry about that. I think his idea is that it’s a first rehearsal not a finished product, therefore he doesn’t want it on his YT channel when he’s booking gigs. Hopefully, we will do something “professional” looking soon, and that will be posted permanently.