There is a new(?) bot in here editing posts

Sorry, didn’t know where else to put this…

I have noticed that my posts now sometimes get auto-edited by the “system” shortly after I wrote them, e.g., removing a quote - is this a new “feature”!?! A new bot??

Anyone else having gotten this treatment?

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Weird, haven’t seen this

Like this:

Maybe because I quoted the entirety of the post I quoted from!? :thinking:


Actually, that happened to me the other night. I was posting from my ipad so assumed I’d done something wrong. It would’ve been a quote of the entire post, although the post was a short sentence so not much I could take out. I think I’ve seen that before this week.

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I already had that phenomenon, I don’t think it’s new !

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Yes, this appears to be normal, @joergkutter :slight_smile: If you reply to the post directly above you, it will not allow you to quote the whole post.

If you quote part of it though, then that part will appear in your reply.

HTH everyone.

Cheers, Joe :slight_smile:


I get my quotes stripped out a lot. I have to go back and edit the post and paste the quote back in.

If I ever get my hands on whoever that bot is…


Ya, I’ll just leave a couple of the words out if I’m quoting the whole thing. :stuck_out_tongue: Bad bassbot!


@Jazzbass19 Good catch! :+1:


Hey @joergkutter, thanks for bringing this to my attention! Sounds like an automatic anti-spam thing built into the forum software, definitely not any evil robots invading our framework… although I guess I’ll grab my pulse rifle and check for that too. :gun::robot:

Okay, found the setting and changed it! Quoting full posts in direct replies should work fine now. We don’t have any spammers to worry about anyway. :slight_smile: