Think I just missed our guru!

Just paid a visit to Camden, London, to see a friend and the first thing I see when opening my phone after getting off the underground train station is this…

Our very own @JoshFossgreen checking out an absolutely cracking bass shop just round the corner from said station. Would’ve run round to give a massive high five if I’d known!


Very cool!


Ah crap, sorry I missed you! Yeah, that shop was maybe the best bass shop I’ve ever visited, what a crazy inventory.


Why does everyone who visits the UK make a beeline for London? It’s an massively overpriced sh*thole that the 65 million people outside of it avoid like the plague. I used to live 45 miles away and wouldn’t go near the place!

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Probably the same reason that everyone who comes to Australia seems to make a beeline to Sydney. Same reasons. Except London doesn’t have a famous terrible beach.
London was awesome, however. At least you can get around.

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And because it, along with a lot of other cities tend to have a fair few great stores to check out like these. Tbh I feel like one of stores a fair amount of people visiting the UK gravitate towards would be Andertons in Guildford (granted it’s not that far away but it’s also not London!)

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Cities are where the interesting stuff tends to be. Sure, also the downsides, if you don’t like cities. Some of us do.

Mary Poppins obvs.


Love that movie! So many great moments. Tyrone has me on the floor everytime…