This is different

I don’t know what to say



Very cool.
I would play that.

It’s not orange​:thinking::thinking::thinking:, @T_dub
Cheers Brian

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Sweet, is this the same guy that made the basses out of pouring epoxy resin onto other stuff like crayons and coffee beans? Very cool.

Its also not boring white or black.
I like things that pop and stand out and say Look at the fool.
I like things to be visually loud more often than not.

His Skateboard one turned out COOL AF!!!

I can’t stop watching this guys videos now that I started with that one.

His YT channel is not full of a million videos, maybe 20, and he doesn’t make long drawn out videos, showing every part of it in real time. He speeds thru it with lots of good visual clips to see what he is actually doing, and goes to real time to explain things that are not just standard common practice, and tells the viewer what he is thinking, then back to some fast forward video to the end, then he weighs it and plays it for a few minutes, and done.

There are lots of really cool build videos, but, since I am not a luthier or woodworker, I don’t need to see a 30 minute video with every build detail, sometimes 2 or 3 or 4 videos in the series, all over 20 min. Don’t get me wrong, lots of people with lots of talent to document, but many of those videos, as awesome as they are, are just too long to watch.


“Of course this compromises the tone but I built this guitars as an artistic piece, more than I do for the tone of the instrument,” he explains. I’m not gonna say this thing sounds great but it does make noise when it’s plugged into an amp."

:rofl: :joy: :rofl: