This sucks--Mighty Mighty Bosstones break up

yep…growing in the Boston area, they were a staple of the local scene

This is like from almost 30 years ago.

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ahhhh thats does suck. saw them live more than a few times back during my first try at college (1990s).

It’s sort of ironic that their last single was called “I Don’t Believe In Anything” :eyes:

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Bunch of my friends took a pic with them in HS and the Bosstones turned it into a poster. This was in the early 90s

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Yep - sorry to hear it… Never did make it to a throw-down…

Am I the only person alive that remembers their TV commercial for the gap in the 80s

Ahh no wonder why I can never find it, it was a Converse commercial. Seen a lot of talk online about it, but can’t find the video.

I don’t remember that, but I do remember going to see Clueless for their 5 min cameo and then getting kicked out of the theatre for skanking down the aisles. I also remember them on Sesame Street.