This'll Rattle The Walls

It’s new amp day! Three watts of screaming power so I can practice at work and make my co-workers hate me even more than they already do. Coffee cup for comparison.


So, so much to unpack in that one post.

I am…speechless. :dotted_line_face:


3 watt of unlimited power!! :joy:

It’s a fun mini amp and the headphone out is crazy good imo.


So, I’ve actually had my eye on one of those. Will you do a “review” of it, after you’ve spent some time on it?


They’re just jealous of your awesomeness, how’s the amp btw? Inquiring minds want to know. Was looking at more portable amps this week


It’s still in the box!

I really don’t think anyone needs to hear my review which will probably be along the lines of, “The On / Off switch feels sturdy and the knobs turn smoothly. Five out of five stars, would recommend.”


We just did. :rofl:


I love the Fly bass. Portable and oddly satisfying, surprisingly loud for 3 watts. Just enough to jam with an acoustic guitar.

I’m hoping to mic this fly bass and the Spark mini and see how they do.


That is one freaking large coffee cup! Total caffeine addict. :smiley:


I can already confirm that the Spark mini sounded better. It’s also 3 times the price and it is a modeler amp for guitar and bass. So value wise they are both in a good spot, but you can’t really compare them. I think the X4 mini amp from Phil Jones is a slighter fair comparison (for the price and quality of the speakers). While the Joyo mini bass amp is a better comparison for the Fly.

Also it will be tricky to mic the spark mini, I think the woofer is at the bottom.

Still love the Fly for the portability, ease of use and the headphones out are great!


That’s a great point!

The thing about Fly amp is that in order to hear it properly you’d have to crank it up, it may have gone pass the optimum range. There’s a decent tone in there, lol.


Guilty as charged! :slightly_smiling_face:


All I wanted was this and then either “I can hear all the notes of my bass through it” or “it apparently can’t play all the notes of my bass”.

Love this for you!

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Great subject line, misleading in the best possible way. :rofl:

That reminds me… has anyone tried one of these?

I saw one in Long & McQuade last week and the form factor caught my attention. Super ergonomic handle, super stout & compact - like picking up a kettlebell.

So yeah, it’s about the size of a gallon milk jug. The head can be plugged into other cabs - offers 200w at 4ohms! :dizzy_face: The included speaker is 150 watts but only 6.5 inches (so I’m a little skeptical about how it handles lower frequencies). Weird little number, but I can see the practicality.

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3 watts doesn’t sound like very much, but if it does the job in your workspace and you’re happy with the tone, I’m happy for ya! :smiley_cat:
Like the others, I look forward to your review after you’ve played on it awhile.