It would be great if you could play a before and after recording on your Mayones (on your new SSL2+ !!!) . I am familiar with EB’s, but have never heard TI’s before. I’ve been looking for an excuse to get some silk on a couple of my basses, but want to know they are worth the price difference.



Man, Josh, I’d love to. But I’ve got a perfect double-whammy happening right now. First, my EB strings are deader than Fred, so they don’t sound anything like they did when they were new. And secondly, I’ve been slammed working on deadline for a big client project for the last week. I’ve put in 10 hour days, including weekends. I’ve been brain-dead lately, and I miss playing.

My DAI is still sealed in its packing box and my bass is giving me seriously dirty looks. Things can only go better from here.

I will report back on how the TI rounds play/sound once I can see some daylight and can actually spend time on important stuff. In the meantime, I just keep repeating to myself, “More work, more money for bass shit.”


Theyre great on a P bass. I have them on a Peavey Fury. Even on the stock pups they sound great.

The problem you had originally, about getting them to stay in tune… they took a while to settle in on my bass as well. I prestretchted them two times and now they’re wonderful.

They are pretty light though. When I go back to them from the Steve Harris bridge truss cables, they feel almost like guitar strings


I didn’t really have a tuning problem per se, I didn’t want to try to get used to them being so thin (in hindsight). They may make a nice option though on my red/gold bass as I still can’t find the right sound on that one with the Les Claypool pups.

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I just replaced the neck on my Jazz V with a fretless neck and installed the JF 345 flats on it. My first impression is WOW! Very different from fresh Labellas or Chromes. The only way I can think to describe it is they sound more musical.


I love my TI flats and rounds. Great strings