Throw me your opinions! (Bass amp head/ Cabinet)

Hello all… Quick introduction (with a proper one in the near future) my name is Evan and I’ve been playing bass for about 6 months. On the very edge on being a B2B alum and right in the middle of creating a new band with a friend I met waaay back in 3rd grade.

The reason I’m skipping the introduction is because it’s that time of year, and bass equipment deals abound. Due to lack of experience in this field (no shortage of research on my end though) I need some advice on a bass amp head and cabinet for gigging.

Here’s my wish list for the prospective gear…
-300-500 watt
-Compressor (more of a + than absolute)
-Ability to add some ‘dirt’ via head (heavy metal band, I do use pedals too)
-Light weight (both cab and head)
-Cabinet only needs to be a 2x10 or 2x12 (small bars to medium size venues planned)
-Amp needs ability to be used with house system.
-Cheap, but quality is best. Honestly, 500-800 total would be great.

Here are the three options I have floating around in my brain…
1 - Hartke Bundle… I like their amps and it all seems well made.

2 - TC amp head and a cheaper cab, Peavy Headliner 2x10?

3 - TC head, and a better cab brand? I do love Orange products, but that’s real money.

Throw me your knowledge, experience, and opinions!
Thank you.


Hey Evan, Hartke stuff is very good quality, I use this Ashdown combo rig that I love personally. I have one with a 15" speaker, but it looks like you want 2 10’s. Good luck on your search.


TC Electronics is always good value for money! I had the BAM200. Just keep in mind that TCE shows the amp watt based on 4ohm, so you have to take that into account if you buy a matching cab. Personally I’m a bit more interested in the Hartke LX series. They sound really good, have a lot of power and they include a drive, gain and compressor for that extra ‘dirt’!


Thank you again for the responses… Looked into Ashdown, but since a cab + amp are my main concern and my love for Hartke pushed me away from that, TC, Peavey, and Orange. My practice amp is a combo HD50, so I know I’m already a fan of their equipment sound and build quality.

That leads me to my final choice (still not sure how I missed the LX Hartke series! Awesome that you brought it up) is a LX8500 head and a 2x10 500 watt cab, both Hartke brand of course. Figure I can add a single 12 or 15 at 300 watts down the road if my group ever finds our way into larger venues.

Ordered them last night from Sweetwater and should be here Monday! Can’t wait is easily an understatement, haha.


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As for cabs and such, let me introduce you to The Beast




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Depends on your desired tone. Like many, I started on a Fender Rumble 100. I’m sure it’s fine if you play modern stuff. It’s in arguably terrible for blues/blues rock.

Think outside the box. I got a 15W all tube guitar amp that’s just insane how good it sounds. There are no bad tones on it. Yes, on a guitar amp. Unless you’re playing outside or in large space without a PA system, there’s a good chance you won’t ever need 500W, let alone 800W+.

Caveat Emptor, YMMV, different strokes for different folks, etc, ad nauseum, ad infinitum.

Also… 10s are for guitar. IMNSHO you really should be looking at at least a 12, and maybe a 15.


Thank you!

And that is BEAST! Haha.

Very true and something I did consider… For now, thinking about the world we live in and the venue size we are planning on playing, this should be sufficient.

But I did go with the 800 watt amp so I could add a single 12 or 15 in the future.