Timing Help - Particular Song

Hey all, dumb question, requiring some effort on whoever is willing to help. I posted a few weeks ago, as I was learning “Criminal World” by Bowie. I’ve worked through 90% of the song comfortably, but I am hung up a quick bass riff I can’t seem to get the count right on.

Here’s a good cover of the song: David Bowie - Criminal World [Bass Cover] - YouTube

The Stevie Ray Vaughan solo starts at 1:37. There’s the D-G# Slide, then B-C# twice. What’s hanging me up is the B at 1:44, or the 2-4-5 on the A String. It seems syncopated?? I can’t seem to get the count right, and I’m coming in a split second too early or too late.

I’ve tried isolating it and looping it, and it’s driving me nuts. She’s on time, as I’ve matched it up with the original.

I know this is silly, but it’s holding me up. Any advice for trying to get the count right?

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This is what Songsterr has for it:


So it’s not all syncopated, but there’s a B on the and of the 4th beat of the first measure that gets held for a dotted quarter note duration instead of simply being an eighth at the start of the second measure, and then the second measure carries on from beat 2. A little tricky. Similar thing between the third and fourth measures of the bridge, but even funkier the second time.

Assuming that tab has correct timing :slight_smile:


Thank you! This helps