Tips for playing bass guitar over electronic music (Hiphop, EDM etc.)

Hey guys! :smiley:

I’ve been producing bass heavy electronic music for 20 years with synths, samplers, drum machines etc. Lately I got bitten by the funk bug, bought a J-bass (Fender Player series), found Josh on youtube and now here I am. I have my own sound, I know production, recording and mixing well enough to teach it professionally, I know what I wanna get out of my new instrument. It’s time to be creative :nerd_face:

From a musicians perspective, what should I think of as a beginner when playing bass guitar over electronic music?

I will definitely combine synth bass with my Fender, both regular dub’s and where the synths will lay a repeating sub foundation and the guitar (high passed from 120-140ish Hz) as a second bass line with lots of ghost notes etc. From a musicians perspective, what should I think about when writing/playing the second bass line? Tricks and traps?


For EDM I probably wouldn’t use the bass guitar for the bassline at all. Instead I would do something like Peter Hook does in New Order, and play a lead or melody with the bass over the EDM synth bassline.

Between the typical EDM kick and bass it’s going to be tough to stand out in the mix with a bass guitar bassline as well. Not impossible of course but challenging. Especially if you’re playing over things like Reese basses and risers.

You’ll want to EQ it mids and treble heavy most likely, regardless.


This is a real fun idea, but I can’t really give any good advice, as I can’t imagine this sound and soundscape from the post. Maybe if you post a recording that you want to add bass to, or a recording of an artist that is doing something similar?