To all my folks in California

I hope you are all high, dry and safe.

Or at least high and safe!

Stay cool, y’all!


I never pee-pad trained my dog, so after 6 years the problem has presented itself. Trying to walk a dog that thinks rain is kryptonite. I’ve never said “just go!” so many times… well, there was that one bad break-up, but I digress. Thanks @MikeC .


Yah, this one is not good. It rains relatively hard for the last 18 hours and will continue for the next 2 days. I’ve never seen it like this before.

@booker_t I feel you my man. I hope your puppy takes to the puppy pad training well. I went through similar thing with one of my puppy as she had to do her business outside. When it rained, I had to take her to indoor parking so she can go luckily she didn’t make a lot of mess so not much to clean up.


I was in Vegas this last weekend, visiting some friends to get some “out of the house” time. I actually came home early - left Sunday morning at 6 (I was staying through today) - so that I could get home before this all hit us and not have to deal with driving through it.

Smart decision, if I do say so myself.


This one looks real bad and I have multiple friends without power right now. While that’s not super unusual for the Bay Area, this time around it’s even hard to blame PG&E. Take care everyone.

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Powerlines in US:

Powerlines in Europe (underground):


here in Japan too


US cities and newer neighborhoods have underground electrical utilities as well. But some older city areas and smaller towns still do not.

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Hollywood area is getting pass its due date for a water main disaster. The superintendent back in the idk 40s 50s was a real crook and subcontracted it out and he’s the only one who knows the location, some said.

I remember when I had my restaurant in West Hollywood the first heavy rain were just horrible as no one clean up the trashes that block the drainage and created unavoidable floods.

If you’re going to come at the US for bad infrastructure it should be the transit/bike/pedestrian stuff.


This is true. Very very few cities in the US have decent public transport.

@Billn - the bike lanes in Germany (where I live) are also non-existent, terrible and/or very dangereous. My home country (Holland) is a biking paradise!

But all that doesn’t matter if there is a storm like in California. I hope that things are better now, electricity works again … or you all have acoustic basses too :slight_smile:


Just saw it on a news site. Stay safe over there! Meanwhile in Barcelona, 1200 kilometres south of me, they’ve not had significant rainfall in close to 3 years now. Insane.


So… for the first time since having it, I had to locate the emergency drain for my pool and open it, lest it overflow because of the rain. It’s been pouring non-stop, consistently, since about 2 hours after I got home on Sunday. All of my local streets are flooded to above the curb, and at the bottom of my street there’s a little… curve, and there was so much water coming down the street it was almost whirlpooling. Little wave crests and everything.

I was tempted to pull out my old skim board and have some fun. :smiley:

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Yeah but riding a bicycles on the street of SoCal is so dangerous as well. A few morning rides on a six lane Blvd near where I used to live supposed to be heaven but it was a nightmare. So bad I sold my custom road bike.

Here in Hamburg/Germany I have about one serious near accident per two weeks.
It’s so bad that I installed an ActionCam on my bike, so they can find the guilty driver in case things go terribly wrong.

Admittedly I am a very fast (but careful) cyclist, but I obey the rules - in contrast to the cars here. It is not only a problem of the bad bike infrastructure, it is also a mindset of the German drivers. The car is surely an extension of otherwise mediocre body parts of some drivers…
Cars are as “holy” in Germany as guns seem to be in the US, so it’s hard to improve the traffic situation for cyclists and pedestrians…


I commuted by motorcycle in the Bay Area for 10 years. I have seen drivers do some crazy shit. My top two:

The guy that looked at me, acknowledged my helmet nod with a wave, and then still merged in to my lane and tried to kill me.

The car full of Food Not Bombs protesters that were running from the cops, because the idiot mayor had made it illegal to feed homeless people, which even the police thought was bullshit. They ran a red light didn’t see me; I locked up into a perfect forward brake skid, and impacted their left front fender at about 25-30mph, and then did this amazing cartwheel spin over their hood. My shoe came off at the apex and flew about a third of a block. That foot hit the pavement on the other side, immediately lightly sprained the ankle. No other serious injuries. The cops showed up then, saw I was ok, looked at the car, and literally started laughing. The girl driving was crying and more upset than I was. The fire truck showed up around then and the cops told them the story and they started laughing too. They had insurance and we were all sympathetic to their cause (even the cops) so I ended up convincing everyone I was fine and could (barely) walk, so the cops let them go with a ticket for running the light, no arrests or anything. If I had been thinking I would have gotten the driver’s number (she was cute) but then again I was also on the way to my girlfriend’s so that would have been bad form. Bike was almost totalled though.


Californian does not know how to share the road with anyone not bicycles not motorcycles not even 18 wheelers. I once saw a girl cut right in front of a semi on the congested freeway and slammed on the brake, semi was probably fully loaded and couldn’t stop even at slow speed it ate half of that girl’s car, :joy:


It’s a big problem here in Luxembourg. Ever since the Schleck brothers rose to prominence in Tour de France, recreational biking has become a big thing. Problem is the politicians try and push the green wave and more bikes on the streets, but the infra structure is not made for it. Also, bike riders are allowed on the street, side by side, so we have huge problems with traffic congestions because of the combination for narrow roads and many hobbyist bikers.

The sense of entitlement is big with those. People who use the bike for commuting to work usually have better manners in traffic, I feel.

But many drivers also have the mindset “fuck everyone but me”, usually comes with the size of the car. Luxembourg have a horrible mindset when it comes to traffic. I hate that part of the country.