To Foam or Not To Foam

I’m digging into the Dark Queen, with it’s 60s P pickup. Starting with Lean On Me.

I have the Bass and Low Mids set to 50% (3:00) and the Hi Mids dialed all the way back. Sounds really warm and fat, with that treble still shining.

The Ciocks power brick came with a perfect piece of foam. I cut it to size and put it under the strings by the bridge. Flattens the sound, but she has a lot of sustain and the notes still ring.

Sounds more vintage. I’m torn between modern and vintage. Don’t know what way is better.


Neither is better.
They are just different.
Record a snippet of both and do a blind listed a couple times and see which one you pick more (do it over and over a few times, not just once)…and you will have your answer.


Best thing about the foam is it’s not a permanent mod. If it were up to me I would use it when I wanted a vintage sound and remove it when I wanted the modern. I love options.


I have recorded both with and without, and agree with John @John_E ,
Both produce different tone, sound and sustain,
It’s whatever floats your boat imo,
Cheers Brian


I keep about 4 pieces of different sized foam + some piano dampening material in the gig bag. It all sounds different, great for different things, and foaming is real fun.
Gotta Foam!
Say Yes To Foaming!


YES :+1: :+1: :+1:


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