Tool to transcribe my own lines?

Hi everyone,
I recently joined a band and am writing lines for 10+ original songs.
I’m a bit lazy with pencil and paper, so I have been recording my lines in Audacity alongside the bass-less recordings.
I’m after software that I can feed my bass only audio into and get a tab out of.
Is there such a thing that works well?

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@fennario showed me once how he did it on GP8 but my quest to that destination prior to his suggestion I was not successful at it. I have a couple of basses with 13 pin connections and Roland GR-55 feeding through my computer and notation app on my Mac but sooo slow and not as accurate as I wanted. Many of ghost notes are not register and symbols are out of whacks.

Melodyne will work for this. Probably not the cheapest option but will be dead easy and simply show you the notes played in your isolated bassline.

And of course let you move them in pitch or automatically pitch correct them if you want.

Autotune gets a lot of hate but it is a really awesome tool for some things :rofl:

Seriously it’s my main tool for song analysis like this.

Anyway, then if you are feeling really lazy, you should be able to get melodyne to save as midi, and most DAW can load midi and convert to standard notation.

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Cheers I’ll give Melodyne a look.

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Just for thread completion, I went with guitar2tabs, it does exactly what I wanted.