Top loaded strings vs Thru-body

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Geek topic again : I was wondering about top loaded strings vs thru-body strings. On a guitar there is a real difference and I was asking myself if this would be true too with a bass.

I found an interesting video where clips are recorded with the same instrument, equiped with a bridge that allows the two string mount. So I wanted to share this video with you :

To my ears, if there is a difference it is barely noticeable, and I’m pretty sure it won’t make any difference at all in a mix.

What do you think ?


I thought the through body would make a much bigger difference.

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When I first listened I could swear 1B was through body and that I liked it better.
With each new thing he played I couldn’t even guess which was which.
When I got to the end and saw they were all mixed up and that I was wrong about 1B I went back and listened to it all again.
The second time through I can’t be sure I can even tell the difference between 1A and 1B and I know I can’t for the rest.

@terb Thanks for this. I did learn that if there is a difference I can’t tell it in a blind test.


me too !