Torn about starting a new course

So I see Luke is offering the Rock Solid Blues Bassist Course again this year.
Join Rock Solid Blues Bassist - Become A Bassist

It is a course I would like to do, short 4 weeks, with masterclass etc, but it is over $200AUD, which may not seem like a lot but $200 is $200.
I like Luke as a teacher, he has good content, he also seems to live in the same city as me which is interesting.
Anyway it looks like a pretty good course (I am also trying to get through a Blues Guitar course) but I am vacillating back and forth about 50:50 on pulling the trigger right now.


Im not sure I understand the hesitation.

I’ll probably end up doing it, but kids, money, life etc

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Pulled the trigger, couldn’t resist- it is exactly the sort of thing I want to learn


Sometimes it is just nice to write some concerns down and share them with others… even though deep down a decision has/had already been made.

I have never taken a full course with Luke including live classes etc (I guess mainly on account of the time zone difference), but I like his shorter lessons and teaching style. I am sure you will benefit from the course and enjoy it.

That said, learning new stuff is often also a bumpy journey, with motivating but also frustrating moments. It’s a good idea to soldier on despite the occasional self-doubt creeping up. If only to get your 200 dollars worth :joy:


I’m kinda in the same spot with the Talking Bass music theory pack. I know I’m gonna do it, but I need to hum hah and whine to my wife about it before she gets mad and tells me to just buy the dang thing.


@faydout, Mark’s brand new “Ultimate Music Theory for Bass” will be released very soon.

He says it represents the culmination of his last 11 years’ experience of teaching bass, and that it’s the best course he’s ever developed. It includes incremental tests so you know what you’ve nailed and what needs more study. Very cool! That’s the one to go for.

I have almost all of his courses, but I’m going to go for this one, too. Knowledge is power. :muscle:


Yep, that’s the one I’m eyeballing.


I just bought Vol I and the pre-order for Vol II.

I’m really looking forward to seeing Mark’s new course’s curriculum and approach.


I was the same way with the Dan Hawkins theory course. I’m a cheap bastard but glad I got it, even though I only understand half of it lol


I like Dan Hawkins too


Do you mind if I ask how you are getting on with the course? I’ve recently started, not new to theory but probably have some gaps and also interested to learn more in the context of the bass guitar. I wondered if you have done other talking bass courses, and if the new course content overlaps significantly with others? It’s my first with Mark and I’m trying to decide where to go next! (Feel free to ignore me if I’m being too nosy/asking too many questions :joy:!)


The TalkingBass Ultimate Music Theory for Bass Vol. I is a perfect course for any bass player who is new to theory.

I am not new to music theory as I majored in it in college. Also, I own a whole lot of talkingbass courses already, almost all of them. But I bought this course for two reasons: 1.) I like to support Mark Smith’s work; and, 2.) I was curious about how Mark approached and created this course.

This is the first talkingbass course that incorporates quizzes. Mark also stresses the need to take lessons slowly and not skip ahead, even if some of the material is dealt with in other courses. His rationale for the latter is that this is a dedicated music theory course, not a technique- or playing-based course, like Chord Tones Essentials or Scales Essentials.

Ultimate Music Theory for Bass Vol. I is a great course for any B2B graduate who wants to know why to play something, not just how to play it.

Personally, I am currently swamped with work. But I plan to start at the very beginning of this course, with the most fundamental of fundamentals, and watching/reading every bit. What can I say: I dig theory. And I’m looking forward to seeing why Mark refers to this course as the culmination of the last six years of teaching, and he considers it the best course he’s ever created.


Currently doing chords essentials

I like it

Happy to hear your feedback on the 2 volumes, esp. after B2B


I’m really looking forward to Vol. II. It deals with jazz theory, harmony and other high degrees of theory.


Sounds like you will really enjoy vol II! I have started vol I now, and really enjoying it/the quiz element. Not too much that’s new to me as of yet but nice to put it into context of the bass. Very much looking forward to II, but trying to take Mark’s advice and not rush through it too much.

I am also a bit of a theory nerd but had a little bit of a break so enjoying taking a new approach to it all this time round. From what you’ve said, it sounds as though it will still be worth enrolling in other more technique based courses, too.

Looking forward to hearing what you think, once you have the time for the course (and hope work isn’t too draining!) :smiling_face: