Transcribe+ (iOS) - this seems pretty useful

Sorry, was away last evening… band rehearsal.

I think your questions was answered: “Transcribe!” (desktop version; note the “!” is part of the name) and “Transcribe+” (iOS version) are, AFAIK, two different products that have nothing to do with each other.

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You are correct. But what @b.s.excavations was asking for, Transcribe by Seventhnote CAN do pretty well, and there is a demonstration for it that I posted.
This one on the phone. you can verey easily split the song into 4 tracks. Very useable for removing bass on a track that you want to use to record your own bass.
When you isolate the bass, the sound, at least thru iPhone speakers was very low, and might not be great to use for translating a bass line by ear or on sheet.
Because it is only trial version, cuz I have not paid for it, I can not check to see if there are features to change the pitch and do the tricks that were shown in the Video link I posted in the earlier thread or not, and I also do not know if it helps to check the chord with a good chance to be right.

What i am seeing is that the desktop software Transcribe, for $39 can do everything the App Transcribe+ can do for $14.99. But I can’t say for sure that the App Transcribe+ can do everything that the Desktop software Transcribe can do.
I can tell that the App is a little simpler to use to split the track into 4 sections. Just not sure how much further you can go with the App, and the Desktop is very very capable for many many things.

If the only thing you are ever gonna do is remove the bass from the track, export the song so you can record a cover, the App should be just fine.
I say should because i could not test the audio export, but i am guessing it will be fine.

and YES, they are two different companies. if Transcribe+ is so advanced, I am not sure why it is not on a desktop platform. it could be due to the NAME of the app, and it is already pretty much taken on PC / Desktop already.

I have already downloaded Transcribe. there is a 30 day FULL Free Trial. i am going to install it the next time I have a song to mess with.

I may try to get the App upgraded. to have boty is just $53.99, and they are both capable products it would seem

Transcribe Software you buy for life, and you can change platforms. If I do the app on ios, I can’t change platform if I ever get a different phone.

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OK, thanks!

So, if we disregard the actual transcription process for a second, what I thought sounded amazing about the phone app was that it featured an algorithm to separate and isolate the different tracks. I thought that so far only software that was way more expensive could do that…

Are you sure about that? Can the desktop software split the main tracks like the phone app?? Without you doing an awful lot of very tricky filtering/EQ’ing?? I guess I need to check out Luke’s video…

Anyway, they are both not very expensive and very likely worth exploring. But, yeah, it would be neat to see a desktop version of Transcribe+.

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No, it is not nearly as easy as the phone app. The phone app is 3 button clicks and it splits them up, and presents them very nicely in 4 wave forms across the screen, and you can select any of the four to be heard or muted and listen to the song how you want to hear it. I ASSUME you can then export the song with which ever of the 4 waveforms on or off, but I have not been able to verify this with the free app.
The button clicks are
-Split song into 4 (voice, drums, bass, instruments)
-convert (or go or start or something to this effect)

On the desktop software version, there are a few more clicks, but not many. BUT it does not give the visual of the same 4 wave forms, you kind of decide what you want. You do get a lot more options to what you want to hear or remove, but it is not as simple. That said, it is not as complicated to do once you do it a few times.
This desktop will give you ALOT more options and control over things, but it can get very complex, which is a good thing if you want an all inclusive tool to do everything you can imagine, or bad if you want the simplicity just split in 4 waveforms and export.

I actually see myself getting both

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Also, @joergkutter and @b.s.excavations, the desktop version has a feature that helps you check your translation.

on the bottom of the software screen is a piano keyboard.
As you play the song with the bass highlighted, or isolated, you can loop it to keep playing the note over and over, so you can pluck your bass and find the matching note.
If you find the matching note to be a G, you can look down at the keyboard, and there is a section above the keyboard with a wave line, and where it peaks, you look down at the keyboard, and you can see it is peaked right above a G string, SO, you kind of get a confirmation that it is a G.

It will not actually transcribe the song for you, and there are times where the software fails, or is confused and doesn’t give you a decent wave peaked over the keyboard (as demonstrated in that video), but for the most part, it is a great way to check your transcription as you go.

IDK if you can get anything like that in the App on the phone?