Transcribe+ (iOS) - this seems pretty useful

Just saw this - looks very useful and powerful!

Haven’t tried it myself yet, however (and wonder how it might fare with more, uhm, jazzy, tunes…)


Oh wow, an app for Transcribe.

Do you get it when you pay for the Mac platform, or is it a seperate purchase. IF I had to choose, I would pick the MAC because I do more work on my iMac as opposed to my iPad.

I am about to buy the Mac version.
Well, I have downloaded it and am about to install and start the free trial really.

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Oh, in case you didn’t know, Josh uses that, and I believe all the music he writes for the course and his videos comes from Transcribe.

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Two different products, AFAIK.

The Mac app is called Transcribe! (The “!” is part of the name!!)

The iOS is called Transcribe+ (the kicker here is the isolation feature, I think!)

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Yeah, I just saw that. I think it would be weird for them to upgrade the app and not the desktop platform.
I hope they do, cuz that is awesome.

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Sorry, not just different products - different developers! So, not the same guys :grinning:

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That changes things a bit.
Hopefully they have a desktop platform.

The link you sent says that it is the update to the same software.
Am i missing something?

Edit: or is Transcribe and Transcribe+ two different things?

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@T_dub I use Transcribe also, but this Apple app is different.

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two different. although i think there’s a few phone apps trying to do this, which makes one wonder why you couldn’t do it on a computer app.


Ow, pretty cool!

I’m on android and pc, so I can’t try it. Anyone care to make a succinct review? Does it work as described?


Let me know what it’s like Toby, once you have had a play around with it, does it allow for you to transcribe the bass track?
Cheers Brian

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There is no desktop version. it is phone only. Desktop would be way more convenient and useful to me.
But the software that @gcancella uses to remove bass in my tracks cost $299 to get that feature, so the $14 for this would be great if it works that well.

I downloaded it, but it is a free versions with in app purchases, so I don’t know how far it will let me go.
I am testing it now
if there is anything I can post I will.


Ok, yes, it works well. The bass isolated is very low on the iPhone, but you can make it out well.
It easily split it up into

You could hear the drums and instruments great.

There is a 45 second time limit on the free version, so it cut out before any vocals.

Like i said, this does what it says.

as far as recording the track without bass, IDK how well it exports, but it appears to be LEGIT*

*if you pay the $14 for the full app


That sounds pretty inexpensive for what it does!

But yeh, desktop would be way more convenient

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yes, IF it has good export options.

After listening to the bass closer, it is not GREAT, so to use it to try to Transcribe the bassline could be challenging.
to use it just to remove the bassline seems like its stronger feature.
And for that, yes, as long as you can export the bass free version of the song when you remove it then it is well worth the $14.

Full disclosure, I have not verified the price in the App, this was the price that is shown in the link.

Edit - Verified cost is $14.99, and yes, it is a deal. If only I could use my apple account for purchases. that is an issue for me, but I may get it another way.

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It’s showing 17€ (~$20) here in the portuguese version of app store. But prices may vary according to region

Just checked, US version is $14.99

Hi @gcancella,
Wouldn’t it be nice if there was something available that would be able to identify the bass notes and allow for transcribing from that?
Am I dreaming :joy:
Cheers Brian


It’s not that far fetched really. Not so many years ago people would say it’s impossible to split a mixed track :wink:. Even if it’s still rough around the edges, which is completely understandable as there must be too much contamination between frequencies, it’s quite magical what this kind of app does (and RX7 too).

Simplifying a lot here, but It would be a matter of isolating the bass track and running it through a tuner kind of app. It might be easier to identify mid-high frequencies, but bass has the “playing one note at a time” going for it. Anyway, I would bet at least a experimental software like what you’re describing already exists.

Not what you asked, but Yousician does work with similar technologies. Which demonstrates it’s possible to transcribe as you’re playing. So merge the two apps together and you might realize your dreams.

Alas, it’s not my area of tech expertises. Would I be younger and with more time to waste and this would be a very fun project to try at least.

Transcribe! seems to do some of that (and at least part of the Transcribe+ features)

Transcribe does very close to this.
On this site there is a link that shows how to do this within Transcribe.

Note that I am talking about Transcribe, by Seventhstring
Transcribe+ the App

This is the link that shows how to do it within the software.

If you go to about 5’40" in this one, there’s a great demo of the right way to use Transcribe! for bass lines - thank you Luke at [Become A]

This is $39 per license. You can download and install and use for 30 days before paying