Transcription Software

Is Josh’s suggestion of Transcribe! by Seventh String Software still the transcription software of choice for Windows?

I’m not looking to become a professional music transcriber but I would like some good reliable software to help me figure out bass lines.


A lot of DAWs have the same capability to change tempo on tracks now without impacting pitch. In Ableton it’s called warp, in Logic they call it flex time, think Reaper calls it stretch time or something like that…I am sure all the others have it now. I have transcribe too…you can get ideas of the notes played with the functionality in there if you really get stuck. Developing your ear, especially intervals, is what really helps…


You might also want to check out this free software:


I use Transcibe! for all my transcriptions and love it. I have tried other things, but always come back to Transcribe!
If anyone is interested, this is a great tutorial that I still refer to occasionally.