Transversely-mounted Pickups

Hi all,
I have seen some bass brands having models with transversely mounted pickups (diagonally on the bass plane).
What is the result in terms of tone and why would they make that choice?


There are 2 school of thoughts on paper.

The easy one is you usually see this on a Multi Scale bass, the slanted pickup would have normalized the way pickup line up like they do on the regular scale bass. Like these

The next one is well, could be for a tone chasing or marketing ploy. The closer the pickup position to the neck the warmer tone you get and the closer to the bridge you’d get brighter and chiming tone. The concept could be that the closer slant on the lower string to the neck would offer great warm tone and on the high string would be brighter. Mostly, probably done for looks.


Could it also be on a multi scale bass to line up evenly for tone with the bridge? Which is angled to enable differing scale lengths for the strings

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That 6 string is a real thing of beauty @Al1885 !

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Thanks @Mac it plays really well too.

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