TRBX 304/5 presets cheat sheet

I’ll be selling my 304 since I bought a 604, so I wanted to post this before I forget, to help out others who bought one and might be under-utilizing their presets. They are actually pretty useful.

Basically Yamaha gave them all names for styles they would be good for, but the thing is, some are more generally useful, so here is what they actually are. This is not in the manual. From top to bottom on the switch:

Slap - This is actually a mid scoop, much like the “contour” button on Fender amps. This is almost always useful, depending on style.
Pick - slight mid scoop with a treble boost. Actually useful too, might want to add a little bass.
Flat - it does what the package says, nothing. Always useful.
Finger - high end is EQed away, which is nice for killing finger noises on strings. Not super useful compared to Solo in my experience.
Solo - same as Finger, but with a low mid boost. Useful because it’s the only real mid boost preset, along with killing the high end.

Helpful chart for reference:


Including not-so-helpful labelling. :crazy_face:

Interesting to see nothing boosting the 1k mark. I don’t fully understand tone settings (etc) but I can read a graph and see an obvious area nobody wants to be in.

When I read the spec and watched a review or two about the presets, I wondered if they weren’t a little bit of gimmickry for noobs to be bamboozled/impressed by, but then I thought they would at least get you part dialled-in quicker for various sounds - regardless of the style they apply the name to.

Now I’m thinking I could be happy with a 304, which would cost the same new as a cheap used 504 - but be far easier to source.


Ahh yeah ignore the left side, the frequency chart is the important one :slight_smile:

The treble EQ knob will boost around the 1k+ range.

That said - given that this would not be your first bass I would recommend a used 504 if one does come up. The midrange knob and the active/passive switch are very nice features.

Otherwise, the 304 sounds great, looks great, and is really high quality.


I guess part of my thinking is that bit when you haven’t quite been making the progress you’ve perhaps got used to so you you start looking to the kit to help out. When I started the process of learning (again) I knew I should have a decent instrument to begin with, but I fell into the trap of falling in love with looks rather than function. I now have 2 basses worth around £350 (around £450 paid) but at the time of buying I could’ve spent £500 without it being a problem. Now the only way I could spend that money is by selling a lot of kit - and ignoring my financial situation (it’s not dire, but it ain’t great).


For anyone who is later interested in the chart, the Japanese labels on the left side read (from top to bottom):

Master Volume
Pickup Balancer (front<->rear)
Performance EQ Switch

but that’s all in the manual, unlike the frequency chart :slight_smile:


No use beating yourself up over what COULD have been, @PeteP :smile:

It’s how I bought most of the cars I owned so far - never really the sensible choice, but, alas, always bound by some budget!

The former might be “easy”, if you are not using that equipment much anyway; for the latter: some stepping back and looking at it from a higher vantage point while asking yourself: “do I really need this (now)?” might be advisable :wink:


I do if I sell the former: them’s my playin’ basses.


Just in case anybody was wondering.

I think I’d quite like to decal the Japanese words onto the bass - it looks a bit like Klingon.


You could actually learn to say it pretty easily too, as it is just katakana phoneticizing the English words :slight_smile:

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By Jove, it really DOES! . . . :slight_smile:


So, you are all fluent in Klingon then!?! :wink:


Was gonna say :slight_smile:


With my apologies: tlhIngan Hol vIjatlhbe’ ‘ach chay’ universal mughwI’ lo’ vISov. vay’ qabDaq HeS Data’‘a’ nuvpu’ japanese vIchel Hech jIH. “qaStaHvIS yIn je chep” law’ vulcans vIqaSmoHrup.

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After watching a few videos of the 304 in action/demo, I’m tempted to let the 504 go and find a 304 instead, but I’m concerned that for the same money (new 304 or used 504) I’d be missing out on a superior instrument that would serve me better for more of my learning process, for the sake of a few neat tricks. I can’t find many used 304s at the moment - which is probably a good sign - but 504s are even rarer here.

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They have essentially the same neck and feel and play very similar. My 604 is a pound lighter than my 304 was, not sure about the 504. The 304 is certainly a great bass, loved mine.

The pickups on the 504/604 are definitely better (not that the 304 is bad, but that the 5/604 are really good.) Having a midrange knob instead of the presets, and an active/passive switch, are the biggest differences. Those were important to me. If they aren’t for you, then the 304 will be a solid choice.


Yeah I’d read the specs as pretty much that assessment. I’m definitely not in the market for a 604 (price & availability).

With my situation I have to consider the money, so buying a new 304 (only new available at the moment - but with low interest credit) means I will take the depreciation hit whether I like/keep the bass or not, and I’m not keen on an active only set up.

The 504 has had most of the depreciation already and is uncommon enough that I should get most of my money back quite easily (not including the shipping), and it’s flexible enough that I shouldn’t need to worry about that.

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@PeteP if I were you I’d prefer to wait/search for a used 504. the 304 is certainly very good but in my opinion the 504 pushes the thing a step further, I think it’s worth waiting to find a nice used one to get the best possible instrument. It’s not like if you needed a new bass right now, there is no real urgency (I think ?)

just my 2 cents :grin:


I would concur with this.


+1 on this also… Although I do LOVE my 304, if (a big IF) I were ever to want to upgrade to a 504 or even a 604, I’d be more or less prone to do it myself on my 304 and modify it to the specs that I want instead of what Yamaha only offers… Besides, I still have a couple other bass’s to play.

Now I’m wondering if the neck joint on the body of my 174 is the same as the neck joint on my 304???

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I don’t think it’s the same on modern basses, but the neck joint on my Yamaha SBV is hands down the best design and assembly I’ve ever seen. way better than what Fender does.

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