Tricky song goals for 2023

Are there any songs that you’ve really wanted to learn that have maybe felt beyond your skill level, but maybe now your skills have improved enough that you’re sure you can nail it in 2023? Or maybe it’s just a song you’ve been struggling with for a while already.

There are a lot of songs I want to learn, but at the top list for 2023 is Hit Me With Your Rhythm Stick by Ian Dury and the Blockheads. Norman Watt-Roy’s bass line is so groovy and infectious, but also fast and relentless. It’s been a goal to learn it for a while, and I think 2023 is going to be the year!

I also love James Jamerson (who doesn’t?) and have been struggling with It’s The Same Old Song (The Four Tops) for a couple of months. It’s actually quite straight forward as Jamerson bass lines go, but also deceptively fast. I’ve got it to 90% speed, but am determined to crack this one to 100% in 2023.


Unfortunately for me, my favorite bands include Tool, Primus & Rush and after looking at the tabs for any of their songs I have realized I might never be able to play them :rofl:

However I have almost nailed the main riff for Schism (Tool) and can play some of Tom Sawyer (Rush), but that’s about it. I just avoid even attempting them because they make me feel very discouraged.


I always think it’s worth tackling really tricky songs, even if it’s just a small section. You can have a go at the slowest speed and if it becomes too frustrating, just put it to the side and have another go a few months later.


It’s fun to try sometimes knowing that you have no chance going into it just to see how difficult they really are. Gives you a lot more appreciation for these legendary musicians. Really astounding just how intricate and difficult some of these pieces are. Always blows me away that not only can they play it, but to have created the music from nothing.

I have made it one of my bass goals to be able to play John the Fisherman, at which point I will have succeeded in my eyes and might put the bass down :sob:


Maybe not so hard for many but on top of my list is Starlight by The Supermen Lovers + any Jamiroquai song


If by the end of 2023 I could play simple songs from Metallica, Creedence, Pink Floyd, among others favorites, I will be glad - by play a song I mean full play, in rhythm, not just intro or some parts.


I know what you mean. I’ve had Too Young To Die on the go for a long time. I’ll be happy to get it above 80% at this rate.