Trumpet Question

If someone wants a trumpet for Xmas, what is a good beginner instrument that won’t break the bank?

The go-to is a Yamaha student trumpet.

Can usually grab used pretty much everywhere. Don’t buy new, so not worth it.
Don’t buy cheap Chinese. They are like tissue paper thin brass.

Other vintage trumpets like Getzen can be great deals but you really need to know what you’re looking at.
Older Bundy’s can be good too but same goes

With trumpets. The thing that matters are the valves and how they seal. Everything else is pretty fixable by any brass tech for cheap.


You don’t need to spend much to be able to play house music classics.

One for @howard and other 90s ravers


hahaha OFC he plays Sandstorm :rofl:

Original for those who don’t know it:

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Sorry not sorry for derailing but @howard if you haven’t seen this it’ll blow your mind :wink:



Hilarious! The acoustic jam is way cool too…. :sunglasses:

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Good advice, @John_E.

Horns have their own specific mechanical requirements and issues that must be considered either before or after buying.

Used instruments can be truly great values, for sure. But it’s still necessary to get them checked out by a trustworthy tech, to either give them a clean bill o’ health or fix whatever needs it.

A good horn is easy to make sounds on. That should be ground-zero for a beginner. :trumpet:

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AI is getting really very good these days.

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@Wombat-metal, take your time and scope out a good horn. It’ll make the world of difference to the player. :+1: