Truss rod adjusting and bridge saddles, intonation, and pickups height

Hello! I’m a 15-year bassist, and i have my 140$ bass and i can’t adjusting him, I don’t know how to adjusting truss rod and bridge saddles, intonation and pickups height. My bass sounding so bad, I wants to playing on bass with normal sound, but know what me do… I hope your can help me!

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I watched this video, but I couldn’t adjust my bass. I watched the video carefully, but I didn’t get anything out of it. I don’t know what me do… Sorry me, please.

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if you don’t understand, take your bass to a guitar shop and pay them to set it up for you. will probably cost $50’ish dollars. more than worth it


Yes. A good setup doesn’t cost a lot, and it pays off. Having your bass in a good, playable condition makes it so much better to learn to play.

There are enough problems learning to play, if you can remove some by getting this done, that’s a win.