Trying to find tabs for this style

I am trying to figure out this bass run or others like it. In a lot of his reviews, he does cool little runs like this. I am close to what he is playing but not exact. I would like to find tablature that has these runs so I can learn them. Does anyone know what they are called or where to find them? What style would you call this? Thanks in advance for the help. Skip ahead to the 2:30 mark to hear the music and skip the talking.

This is a 20 minute video XD which runs? Any of them? All of them? He’s just improving licks on scales from the parts I heard. I’d hit up learning major and minor scales to start with

He means the riff that starts at approximately 2:30 (two minutes, thirty seconds).

The first half of the riff is Lobster’s go-to for demo’ing the relative sounds of different basses,


Relative tone settings of various pickup soloing/combinations on the same instrument.

@Koldunya the first one that starts at the 2:30 mark to be specific. Any of them would be nice to know. Just fun sounding licks that would be cool to bust out.

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For all I knew it was anywhere from 2:30 on :eyes:

But I’m pretty sure there’s no specific tabs for this. YouTube can be slowed down if you want to try and follow his fingers.


Do you have guitar pro? I can make a tab for ya? it would be vanilla with no fancy fills cuz ain’t no body got time for that? Hope it helps. Don’t forget to slide ur hand up on the last bar and play 9th note with pointer finger, and 10 with index finger and then stretch ur pinky to hit the 12. I added a double stop chord at the end so u can feel closure ending that segment of the lick lol.


Rando Lobster Bass File.pdf (34.4 KB)


@Vegaswizzle got it thanks. much appreciated.