Trying to learn Anesthesia

This is hard. hahaha :upside_down_face:


By Metallica, you mean? What resources are you using? Songsterr has the tab, they are usually not too bad:

Of course there’s plenty of YouTube tutorials:

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Going to go out on a limb and just assume you’re speaking of (Anesthisia)-Pulling Teeth? I have doodled around with first few bars, it is indeed difficult. First tip, go slow. Extremely slow. Get the notes/patterns down, then incrementally increase speed. In fact this tip will likely apply to any new song you learn ever. It sure does for me. Not knowing your skill level or how comfortable you are on bass, I’d also make sure you havent taken on something too difficult for yourself. Only you can answer that one. I have been using Ultimate Guitar’s official tabs for most songs, they seem accurate enough to get you started and have playback/play along backing tracks you can speed up or slow down to your liking.


Yeah I’m just complaining haha. Been a guitar player for 14 years, and recently picked up the bass to do riff writing. I have found bass “makes more sense” than guitar.

I’ve been using resources, just bitching. :smiley: