Tuner peg loose

Any of you guys would know a way to fix this?

It rattles with open strings sometimes which is annoying…


I’m the wrong person to answer this, but I’d just weld (or some other affixation) it to the peg as the peg doesn’t seem to be moving, just the clover right?


Right it is just the clover but welding (or soldering maybe) would create some esthetic defect wouldn’t it? Like burn or darken the area

I am curious how these things are fixed in the first place I don’t see any screw holes or welding points. Tried squeezing it tighter with a pair of pliers but no luck there…



A filet of crazy glue might do the trick.


A replacement tuner. :slight_smile: Or maybe a touch of something like JB Weld? I don’t think you’ll get away without a little of an aesthetic effect though… Unless the crazy glue idea works…


I think that would come off in timr…

I removed the machine for taking the peg to work to try out things and had a micro hearth attack when I saw the two screws dropped on short on thr floor!

I thought that the heads got broken with screws stuck inside the holes. Luckily and strangely that wasn’t the case…

I know for sure that these are the factory default but why would they avoid drilling just 8 more holes and screw these in properly? How much profit does this get you?


Wow! Fake screws! I didn’t even know those existed. Very strange. I’d be pretty annoyed by that too.


Might be a good occasion to look for some nice replacement tuners :sweat_smile:


@JT that’s why people go and get custom shop Fenders… :slight_smile:

I was getting ready to swap the bass :sob:


“In the Fender Custom Shop, we 100% guarantee that we will use full-length screws.” :rofl:

In one way, It’s kinda cool that someone came up with fake screws. These little things do make more money for the company in the long-run, if they have enough volume.

Like I’m always impressed with the ingenuity behind a Double Decker Taco at Taco Bell. I mean, it is my favorite type of taco (I make them myself though), but what people don’t realize is that it allows them a way to use broken taco shells that they were throwing away before. This is because it has the beans and the outer tortilla holding it together.

Sorry, I know this will make everyone hungry. :slight_smile:


Did you buy this bass new? If so I’d take it back to the shop. A tuner isn’t supposed to fail like this.

Not me!

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No it’s an eleven year old bass from a friend…

@JT I understood finally that these are not really fake screws. What you don’t see in the photos is that there is a flat metal plate holding the center piece. The short screws are practically just keeping the cover and the plate together while the long ones are going into the wood as well.

The fender tuners have generally open mechanisms so the plate is held down with all four screws going into the wood


A new Chinese invention? . . . :thinking:


Ah okay. Welding is probably not an option, but soldering might be. It will cause some discoloration, but you might be able to polish that out. Of course you could also just replace them. A set of four replacement tuners would cost about 45 Euros (or more):



Maybe this is a CS mod. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: