Twisted neck!?

So… I just noticed that one of my basses has a little bit of a twist in the neck. It’s like someone grabbed the headstock with one hand, and the base of the neck with the other, and twisted really hard like you would wring out a towel.

Not that bad, of course, it’s only off by a little.

Anyway, does anyone here have any experience with that? How hard is that to correct, or is it something I should avoid like the plague and instead give it over to an experienced luthier or repair person?


It all depends on if the slight twist presents a problem with playing the bass. If it doesn’t, no problem; you’re done. If it does, take it to a good tech or a luthier to fix, if it’s fixable.

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Yes. Luthiers can generally sort this out with heat pressing unless it’s just a hot mess.


According to the internet (and that is never wrong in my experience) you just iron it flat like a shirt. Easy.


I can look forward to twisted shirts?



My experience is what Mike said. Fifteen years ago, I bought a Peavey T-40 off Ebay. (T-40s weren’t selling for four figures then.) When it arrived, something didn’t feel right to me. The local luthier plugged it in and played the heck out of it. He said it was twisted but bad enough to spend money fixing it. My takeaway was that twisted necks can be repaired if the twist isn’t too bad and if you think the bass is worth the cost of repair, naturally.


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Yes, wikiHow is full of all kinds of useful information…