Two major mods

As many of you know, i have been plaqued with 2 ongoing pain/comfort issues…left thumb pain and getting my bass to hang more upright. I took some rather drastic measures this weekend and reshaped my fancy All-Parts jazz neck…which has always seemed like an oversized bat to me. I taped off the fretboard and side markers and the skunk stripe and then went at it with a sanding block until i got a shallow V profile. MUCH MUCH more comfy…i need to finish restaning yet…although i may be temped to take some more off. You will see the V is not exaclty symeyrical, and that was intentional, as i wanted a sharper drop on one side.

Second thing was to add another button along the back tummy cut.

Very happy with both mods…thumb pain diminished, but not gone…was able to play 2.5 hrs today without major thumb pain


Drastic mods @Old_WannaBe but if they work good on ya :+1:


Yeah, those are some drastic mods but if it gets you playing, that’s all that matters.

Good for you @Old_WannaBe.


that’s great !


What’s the 2nd Strap button for? Counter neck dive?

Now that’s the guy who understands his required geometry. Good for you @Old_WannaBe


Way to go!

I’m a Fender guy, but my understanding is, at least in the guitar market that Ibanez is known for thinner necks. Is that true for their bass line, and if so maybe that might be something to consider?


@kwt7667 it all depends on the models. I own two Ibanez basses and they both have very fat necks … but Ibanez also makes very thin necks on other models.


Very cool. I think you may have the only truly custom bass.

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