Typical cost of bass setups?

hey folks! so i’ve got a new jazz bass that’s in dire need of a setup. watching some of the videos, it was mentioned that a setup might cost around $20-30 or something? that is NOT my experience lol.

I live in the san francisco bay area, and have called two local shops and both are looking like $100 range!!!

Is that a fair price? What’s the going rate in your area? Should I just invest in some tools and do it myself? (I wanted to get a pro setup first, to understand what I should aim for when I try it myself, but dang… 100 bones…)


This is going to really vary widely depending on where you live. If you do a little comparison shopping you’ll quickly get your answer. In Chicago it’s around 50 bux.


figured this was probably typical california markup :wink:

maybe i’ll have a go at doing the setup myself, then once the rona clears up i’ll take my bass with me when i visit family on the east coast next year and get a pro setup then haha!


Here in Connecticut $50 seems to be the standard.

Edit: plus cost of strings. $50 is just the set-up.


About $95 aud here but I know @TNKA36 has his done at the Bass Centre in Melbourne so he’ll have an idea what they’re charging.
It can also depend on the cost of the strings you ask for


I’d just do it yourself, it’s not hard. You need to learn how to anyway. Just follow Marcelo’s video in the first post here:


Typical cost for me is $0.

Well, ok… maybe not quite zero if you count the times I’ve said “where the hell did I put that allen wrench?” and then went out and bought another set instead of tearing up the house looking for the lost one. :smile:


I have literally done this. “Can’t find the damn allen set. Ok, here’s one on Prime.”


I’m new, so not sure what the average rate would be but I just had my done for $45 Cdn. I was advised that the rate would fluctuate depending on the amount of work that would need to be performed.


Hi @howard thanks very much for the video, this reference guide is perfect!

I’ve watched the one from guns and guitars before, and it was super detailed but was a little hard for me to see what was going on at times. The reference guide fills those gaps for me!

Thanks again, appreciate the links!