U-Bass strings

We have a lot of topics about bass strings, but I did not find one about U-Bass strings.

My Kala Journeyman came with roundwounds, but I would like to try the rubber strings. I find rubber/polyutheran strings for prices from ~15 to 60€ and would like to know if someone has a recommendation or advises against a specific product.


I’ve never played them but the rubber strings I have heard on them sound amazing, a whole lot like an upright. Looking forward to hearing what you think.


Seems the Road Toad Music Pahohoe are the only polyutheran product (there are other rubber materials from different brands) and as far as I can tell those were the strings reviewed in videos I saw.

Ordered now.
Would still value input of other U-Bass owners about strings anyway :wink:


I have a Kala P bass with these on it.
Yes, they are really the only ones you want to get.
They are great

They sound absolutely amazing.
A couple things to note…

  • they take forever to settle in, they are rubber after all you have to retune a lot for a long time. In this case, you do need to pre-stretch these a lot BEFORE you put them on. They literally wont fit and you will struggle trying to get them on. Enjoy the workout
  • there is an odd little snap/snip sound when you pluck from the surface tension of the string, it bothers some people, just know its ok. Some suggest putting resin etc on your fingers, I think its a little much, its part of the sound.

You really get a wonderfully warm, upright thud.
Here’s a cover I did with them.


Thanks for the information. Much appreciated.

Yeah, the Thomann youtube channel recommended that but I think I won’t be too bothered by it.


@John_E I just listened to that cover and left a comment along with a little personal story about that song.


I tried the steel strings on my Hutch Hutchinson signature but the action was still too high so I switched to Aguilar red thunder gut. They are quite awesome. Ended up putting them on the sold body as well. A lot less finger noise than pahoho.

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