Ubuntu studio

Anyone use ubuntu studio for recording and editing? New to bass and the comouter side of things. I have a tascam dp-001fx was wondering if they were any plugins or drivers i need. Also solo Scarlett. Am looking to use for recording and practice


@Coltonjoe18 Welcome to BassBuzz!

I know we have a few Linux users on the forum. Maybe @kwt7667 or @sebastien.rangier can chime in on this one.

@sebastien.rangier said he was able to install Ubuntu Studio on Linux Mint without any problems or weird dependencies. And it just worked.

I don’t know anything about the Tascam but Focusrite does not officially support Linux. Here is there comment on that…
Is my Focusrite Product compatible with Linux? – Focusrite Audio Engineering

There are plenty of people that do still use the Scarlett Solo with Linux and there are a lot of articles and blog posts about pitfalls and what to do to work around them. Here’s one just so you can see what kind of information is available.
Getting a Focusrite Scarlett Solo to work under Linux – Common Issues – Thane’s Blog (wordpress.com)

What you’re talking about is very doable but it may take some real effort and searching to get it all to work the way you want. Particularly if your new to Linux.

Good luck and let us know how it all works out.


Welcome to the forum.

I’m running plain Ubuntu on all my computers.

I just took a quick look at Ubuntu Studio and it appears that I’m pretty much running it, as it is essentially Ubuntu with a bundle of audio/video programs, most of which I have installed individually.

I’m not familiar with the Tascam, but I’m running a Behringer UMC204HD DAI, which is similar to a Focusrite and it works fine. The system sees it as an audio input/output - no drivers required.

There are plenty of resources online, but be careful to always check dates. There is a lot of stuff for older versions of Ubuntu, as well as the various programs which may or may not still be relevant.


Dought! That article I posted the link to was from 2017.

@spidey9 Thanks for joining the discussion. My days using Linux are way out of date.


I’d recommend Reaper for Linux recording - unlikely anything else on linux will beat it (or for that matter, even come close.)


Thats great thanks! Should be a fun journey, glad i joined up. Will definitely be using this resource alot. A weallth of knowledge at my finger tips🤙so, has there been disscusion on best interfaces to use w/ ubuntu studio? If so,which are suggested?


Update: figured out how to configure the focusrite and utilize with ubuntu studio. We are using ardour for our DAW now just need learn this application inside out? Anyone have experience with ardour? How can i assign a specific track to record? Like i can only record out of the one channel on the daw, i need to figure out how to record… Start over plug in guitar than record over the bass line

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HI there,
I’m joining in (though rather late in the day).
I use Linux on a daily basis.
My teenage daughter uses the Focusrite / Ardour combo on her computer for recording herself (guitar / voice). Her distribution is a standard Mint. Her use of Ardour is probably quite basic but she didn’t have any major issues.
I can ask her to join the discussion if you want.
I do remember we had to update the system because she needed a more recent kernel but I’m sure that was sound-related. Anyway, drivers are updated daily and a device that wasn’t supported last year might very well work out of the box today


Yes tell her to join in. Im going to be using ubuntu studio for all my needs. Although im pretty new to linux and all that brings so kinda learning as i go on both bass and linux. But i think open source is the way to go if a person is willing to put the time into learning @sebastien.rangier definitely ask her to join in on the discussion

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I’m Lucie, @sebastien.rangier 's daughter, I’ve been using Ardour for almost a year now, so I’ve learnt the very basic things to know about ardour, not more, but if you have some questions about beginning with Ardour, I would be happy to help if I can !


@lucie.rangier right on! Can you record a track and then assign the scarlet to another track and record again?