Udemy Bass Masterclass

I’m not sure if this is the right topic for this. If not, my apologies.

I finished the B2B 3 days ago (took me 32 days. Amazing). It was a fantastic journey but now I’m thirsting for more. So I found this course at Udemy: “The Professional Bass Masterclass 1, 2 and 3. It has a lot of positive reviews. But I’m sure the people who left the reviews don’t know a teacher like @JoshFossgreen.

So, has anyone here tried this course? Any inputs? Thank you in advance.

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I have no input on the specific course, but just so you’re aware, Udemy courses constantly go on sale for $10 or so, so I wouldn’t pay more than that for it…


Thank you for replying. They are announcing its on sale right now from $149 for $24, 99 and sale ends today. I think that’s a good price.

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I’ve never heard of the instructor. Here is is bio:

Here is his YouTube channel. He has a few bass videos up. It will probably give you and idea of his teaching style.


Meh. I think I’ll pass. He’s like dead teaching.

Im not familiar with that course, but based upon my experience with Udemy, I doubt its any advancement from the B2B course you just finished, and I doubt you’ll learn anything new.
I’ve never paid more than $10-20 for a Udemy course, so have never felt ripped off. Maybe you’ll get a nugget or 2 out of it, but I would wait for one of their frequent :fire: sales.


@PamPurrs thank you for your reply. I think the $25 isn’t bad but I’ll follow your recommendation and wait for a sale. I’m mostly interested on learn the scales modes and practical use of it. I thought about give Scott’s Bass a try but I don’t think he’s very “academic” teaching. Still, he offers a 14 days trial before charge for the subscription. And that’s the most amazing about Josh: he’s a great educator, besides being extremely charismatic and a great player. Many “teachers” out there definitely can play a lot but they have no talent teaching what they know.
@JoshFossgreen please, we are ready for the next course. Hopefully it will happen in 2023.


So true. :+1: :+1: :+1:


In that case, I would recommend the Scale Essentals course over at TalkingBass. I took that course concurrent with B2B, and found it to be quite an excellent and comprehensive study of ALL the different scales and modes. Mark Smith is a superb teacher, and I have taken many of his courses. It’s a bit more than Udemy, but the quality of the course and the downloadable study materials make it a bargain.


Absolutely this!^^^

Mark Smith’s Scale Essentials course is priceless for learning all about scales and modes. Three thumbs up!


Thank you again @PamPurrs. Singing up right now. :+1:


i know I m late to the game on this topic…go with Mark as Pam stated. I own the above mentioned course and many more. Worth every dollar spent at Marks site.


I’ve got that Udemy course (I get Udemy access through work) and although I’m not too far into it so far I’d say it’s not bad, but not great.
The teacher is very straight-laced and although it’s mostly theory focused it doesn’t seem sufficiently in-depth so far.

I’m not the biggest fan of Mark Smith’s stuff but I’d say you’re better off going with his courses.

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Hey! Your local library might have free Udemy courses. Worth checking out!

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