Ultimate Guitar - Elaborate Pedalboards Article


Cool that they got Bloc Party in there. Love that band.

Thanks. Now I don’t feel so silly for all the pedals I own. If only I could use them to their full potential.


Wahey, I spotted two of my pedals (MXR M87 and TC Electronics Flashback). I must be doing something right.


i think that a bunch of us here have bigger pedalboards than these guys. i might have, before i cut down :grin:


I actually did, yeah

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We have a lot of similar pedals especially when it comes to MXR but I have to ask you:

  1. Did you prefer the Boss OC-5 over the MXR Octave Deluxe (I’m assuming you got to try them both)?

  2. How do you find the MXR Envelope Filter vs any others you’ve tried?

I sold a bunch of my pedals (especially EHX, only kept a POG) and I was thinking of selling the rest but I am having a hard time doing so. Something about dedicated pedals.

I even got a BOSS GT-1B to ween me off and to use for practice (the headphone output is not loud enough) but I’m not really taking to it even though I do enjoy using it with a laptop and playing with the parameters in the software.

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definitely :rofl:

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Keep in mind some of the pedal picks are for sax screwing around and not just bass….
I had an OC-2 but disliked how it worked on sax, the OC-5 tracks much better.
I never did try the MXR Octave Deluxe.

I love the MXR Envelope Filter, even thought I really don’t need it with the IE Xerograph. I generally leave it in regular “funk mode” and then screw around with the IE pedal as it does a whole lot more. that one still confuses me a bit as I have not spent enough time with it and I always forget to take pics of tones I like.

For the most part, all the pedals are for messing around still and I could do it all post in a DAW but I do like fiddling with them. I will spend days just experimenting. I do play with every last one of them in one form or another. I would say i have recorded things with about half so far, but only cause I never have enough time to do everything I want to do.

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I have one last pedal on it’s way…that doesn’t go on the board (well, there’s no room). It’s a very odd one….

Now you have me itching for the MXR Envelope and I already have an M81 in the mail on its way even though I already habe the same Sans amp you have.

Addictions are so hard to break.

You’re right about post or real time DAW plug ins. I have every bass Amplitude plug in and others. It should be way more than enough for someone like me but there is something about twisting knobs and stomping on boxes.

The part I don’t like is the bending down to fiddle. I find myself sitting on the floor to set things up. I think I need a ‘pedalboard stand’.

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I hear you. I have an older Gator board and sometimes just leave it up on a table.

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So my MIDI controller has nine knobs, nine sliders, sixteen pads, and nine buttons, all mappable to plugins like effects - just saying :slight_smile:

Effects work just fine at real time in the DAW as well. May need to play with buffering for latency. But most importantly, the plugins remember your effects settings (and you can also save them). If you’re planning on recording, it’s definitely the way to go IMO.

Plus, and this is what finally convinced me - they often sound better. This will trigger analog purists, but it’s true. Especially amp sims.

I am no pro but I have to agree with this. Its the reason I sold all my amps except one rumble for practice, when I don’t wanna use a computer. The rest goes through a PA detailed by sims.

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Yep, I haven’t owned an amp in over two years, just play through my monitors. Never want to own an amp again - if I ever play live again, I’m buying PA speakers and a mixer.

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I have seen big names use them. I am pretty sure I have seen Les Claypool with them multiple times during his touring.