Unboxing / Build thread

It’s really just for keeping things in the limited space I have for this.
Plus my DAI goes to my IPad. I don’t have a desk or workstation computer, or even a laptop set up anywhere, my stuff needs to be 100% mobile in the place I reside.

I pull it out, set it on the wood table I have in the corner, plug it into the power, rout it one of the ways I said, and headphone, most of the time from the amp.

Or I headphone out of the B1-four and forget the amp.

This is when I want to. Tweak my sound, otherwise I play out of the B1x-four, with minimal stomp boxes set, or in bypass for regular practice and exercises, and the board is put away in the corner looking neat and organized instead of like a rat nest.

Funny it may be, but I find it the best option for my needs in current situation.


yeah there is nothing wrong with this, it’s just a bit uncommon but as long as it fits your needs it’s perfectly fine !


Yeah, I am a bit uncommon too :joy: