Unboxing / Build thread

Pairs nicely with the Big Muff :slight_smile:

That whole vid is a good demo actually. One thing I love is the crossover switch, check out how he uses it in there to keep the low end.

Hammond organ like effect?


Yeah, that is one of the pedals that confused me, but I have seen it stated on other pedals

So maybe that Nux is a copy of this Lester? I know they make a Lester K for Keyboard and I think a Lester V for vocals, do they make a Lester B for Bass?

EDIT - NVM, he explained the differences between the two

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Damn you @howard, now I want a Deluxe Bass Muff


Mission accomplished lol


Well, I am just loving this compressor more and more as I use it. This San June sure is a great deal.

I recently put this up as an add on both Offer Up and Let Go. Some pedals I have tried, liked enough to use for a bit, past point of return, but then found something else and decided against keeping.

I sold the Nether and Donner Harmonizer (the pair acts similar to a POG or a SubnUP, or any pedal with up and down octaves blended. Not exactly because one works off the others signal, but you can get it sounding pretty good. Me getting the Sub n Up made these obsolete on my board. However there is a EHX soul food pedal that looks interesting, almost like the Bass Muff and POG combined. I still have time to return the Sub n up, and mugg, so who knows.

But I had a guy offer to trade me a bass compressor for the 2 remaining pedals. I was thinking, I love this compressor, no way, and asked if he had a chorus or reverb pedal. He said he did, I asked him to shoot me photos of the pedals.
This is the compressor he sent, and is going to trade me This.for the Tuner and Limiter / Enhancer cuz he doesn’t like the compressor.

This is one of maybe 4 or 5 that I would like to try, and may like enuf to end up sending the San June back.
But if I get to trade those two pedals for this tomorrow at 11:30am, as planned, I am going to be very happy and lucky.


I have a Dan Electro rotating speaker and I love it…never used it with a bass though. I use it almost as a chorus with a little more wobble…really love that sound


Some of the old dan electro basses looked like they were ahead of their time when they came out, a kinda nice ugly looking thing with really long horns​:joy::rofl::sunglasses:
Cheers Brian


yep I’d love to have a copper burst long horn


Me too @Tokyo_Rat
Cheers Brian


Ok, so I got that compressor today, and am very happy I did, but I find myself in a dilemma. A very good dilemma.
Which compressor.
That Boss is something else. Quite possibly the best compressor I have ever heard.
On the other hand, the Sun June is quite possibly the best compressor I ever did not hear.

I said it in another thread, but that San June is something else. I said it is likely a copy of either the Keeley Bassist Limiting Pre Amplifier, or the MXR Optical compressor (two very good compression pedals for the price range, Josh uses a Keeley) and then I went to read the reviews on Amazon, and others said that they had the Keeley, and it is very similar, and one even said it might be better.
Those are some big words, but I can imagine he could be right since how impressed I am with a $66 compresssor
Ok, but this is a compressor in every sense of the word, studio quality in a pedal, and it works very very very well. It is a limiting compressor and it certainly sets a threshold keeps the waves within it.
It has a single light that glows when it is limiting.
I love it,

but was considering returning it to Amazon since I have only had it a short while, and I just got this Boss, which claims to be cutting edge with intelligent circuitry…
It claims to compress in real time with the just the right amount to never interfere with the tone, and won’t get it muddy or cloudy.
It is wonderful. It is amazing.
There is noticeable compression, and you can dial it in just as you wish, and you can defiantly hear it, but it does not affect the True Tone at all, in fact it almost enhances it, and not just with volume.
You could boost with this also, it is amazing.

But so is the San June, and it had level and gain, so you can bump up the sound as well. It does not give a muddy or cloudy sound, but it is more compressed sounding then the Boss, because the Boss does not squeeze the tone at all.

I think I am going to end up keeping them both, on my board, and I can see times where I would want one over the other. If the San June was a $200 compressor, I would pick one over the other and return or sell one, but with the San June being less then $70, I am inclined to keep.

Don’t you love when you have quality problems…

If I have not already recommended it, I highly do recommend the San June, especially for the price.

I also highly recommend the Boss, obviously, it is great, but it depends what you want to spend on a compressor… or a 2nd compressor…
I am so stoked that I got this in a trade.


Ok, I have had some good time with the pedals I ordered recently, all if which I expected to send back. I will review each one and then let you know the verdict.

Before I do, I want to say one more time how great these two compression pedals I have are. The San June Gb-cp Optical compressor and the Boss BC-1X Bass Comp, one and optical, one an intelligent design. They both are awesome, I love them both, and I am going to end up keeping the San June. Keep in mind, I bought this one just to try an optical, expecting to return it, and now, even after getting this Boss pedal that was on top of my compressor list, I can’t bring myself to return it.
I compared it to the Keeley Bassist, without having played one, then I read others on amazon comparing it to that same pedal. One person said they had both and the San June was as good IF NOT BETTER. That’s saying a lot for a $66 pedal. What can I say, I have pedal love for this one.

I ordered
TC Electronics HOF mini
Joyo Atmosphere reverb
Valeton Coral Verb II
Gooko Angel Chorus

1st, the Valeton Coral Verb II
This is a good solid mini all around mini reverb pedal.
It has many different reverbs, and most have a distinct sound output from the others. The exception being when there are two, like Church 1 and Church 2, or Plate 1 and plate 2, Spring 1 and 2, etc…
The difference from 1 and 2, from what I could tell is this. On the Joyo pedal, there are 1/2 the amount of effects, but there is a “tails” toggle for on and off.
On this Valeton pedal, one of the sounds, Church 1 for instance, sounds like there are no tails, and Church 2 sounds like there are tails. So this pedal just doubles the amount of different verb types in stead of adding a toggle, makes sense, it is a mini pedal. I do like the versatility of the pedal, and it sounds really good, and you have a good amount of controls, rate, decay, tone, so it is a fully functional pedal.
The bad about this pedal is its size. I am good with mini pedals when I can see them. With the large dial and 22 tiny reverb type written around it, I need glasses or a magnifier to read it. The same is said for the writing on the 3 tiny control dials.
And the tiny control dials on this common mini pedal lay out are just too small for my fingers, and I almost always will turn one or two of the other dials when working with one of them.
Verdict, going back (possibility of repurchase if I couldn’t find similar in a better layout)

Joyo Atmosphere Reverb.
This one automatically sounded richer and fuller then the Valeton. I put them up side by side, and had the rate, decay and tone knobs set the same for side by side tests. This one sounded fuller for all of the LIKE types they had, and it had. The TAILS toggle to differ between 1 and 2. The dials are big and easy to control apart from one and other, the sound big and full, and lots of good stuff here.
The drawback, all the sounds sounded similar to one and other, and they bordered on the SPACEY tones, hence the name atmosphere. I could see owning this as one of two reverb pedals IF it were a mini, and if I found a pedal that had the other half of the sounds the Valeton had that this one seems to lack. Of course I would live with the size over tiny dials, so that’s not a Hugh deal breaker.
Verdict, going back. I could see getting it again if I didn’t find any others that were as rich and full sounding for the types it had

Hall of Fame (one, not two)
This mini pedal has one dial, so that is not an issue being small, but to me it is an issue where I want to do more then just throw the amount of reverb into the mix, I like to control the decay and tone and mix

The stock TC reverb sound was good, no complaints, and I found lots of great reverbs on the TONEPRINT app, and this is a very versatile pedal with that one drawback, the one dial. This was addressed in the Hall of Fame 2 pedal. The HOF standard size has 4 dials, the mix, decay, tone and type, giving regular types and a tone print. The HOF2 big one has those same ones with 3 slots for stored tone prints. The HOF 2 mini has mix, tone and decay, but can only hold one TonePrint.
If I could buy the standard sized of either HOF or HOF2 from amazon, I would and I would be done with it, but they don’t have any.
Verdict, sending this back. I might get the HOF2 mini and be done with it. The only bad about the HOF2 mini is you can only have one reverb type in at a time. I don’t know how limiting this is or will be in the future, so it is holding me back from getting it. Besides, there is one at my pawn shop I could probably get for $50, so I may end up doing that, and not getting a reverb pedal from amazon at all?

Gooko Angel Chorus.
This was the surprise of the bunch. It is a GREAT sounding chorus with simple controls, easy to use and again, sounds great. It was only $30 and it is orange. I have not found anything wrong with it, and I might be keeping it.
I may however send it back and keep experimenting, to see if I can find something that I like better, with this always on the mind, and if I stop hunting with nothing better then it, I will buy it back.

Funny thing is I don’t read a lot of reviews prior to buying things to try. A lot of times the reviews bias my test of the product and I let others that “probably know more then me” let me think one way about a product when in face, they “probably don’t know”. Bit I let it get in my head before even trying the product.
So, what I like to do is get the pedal, test it out, formulate my own opinion, and make up my mind and then and ONLY then go back and read the reviews.

The Angel pedal has mostly 5 star reviews and everybody loves it.
Same as the San June pedal. Often I find that my decisions about a pedal are on track with the majority of reviewers that seem to be of sound mind.
Some reviewers expect thousand dollar pedals from a $30 pedal, others have no clue about other stuff, but you can usually tell when somebody likes something and can explain it correctly without going overboard one way or the other. Thats where my decisions tend to land.

So, these are all good pedals, there is not one going back that I have anything BAD to say about. Too small, or not enuf dials, these are preferences, not the ones I am looking for, but the pedals and the performance by all was great, you won’t go wrong with any of these pedals. I have gotten ones that simply sucked, and I have not really reviewed them.

Now, I want to get the
EHX Oceans 11 reverb
EHX Bass Clone

If the oceans 11 is not everything I am looking for, I will get either the full sized HOF or HOF2, or settle for the HOF2 mini
If the Bass Clone is not everything I am looking for, I may look for more, or try a few other inexpensive pedals like Caline Bass Chorus. If not, I will get the Angel, I liked it better then the Corona Chorus set. Up in the MS-60b for many things, but I always have that and the other Zoom chorus models, so I could get by with the Angela and Zooms.


I have some audio files comparing the two pedals to the dry signal. I don’t know how to add them.
I am going to try and figure that out and post them in the thread.

In the mean time, my hunt for Reverb and Chorus pedals continues.
Neither the EHX Bass Clone or EXH Oceans 11 are fulfilled by Amazon for the normal price. If you pay $20 more per pedal, you get shipped Prime from Amazon and then they arrive in 2 days, but both will take a week or more to arrive, so.

I got that Gokko Angel Chorus pedal and liked it a lot. I am not sure that I am keeping it, but I liked it enough to hold onto it for a little bit and see how I like it. I have ordered the Bass Clone, and am going to wait until I can run them side by side before I decide which to keep.
In the same line of Gokko pedals, there is a Reverb pedal. I figured since the Chorus was good, this would be worth at least checking out.

Like the Angel, I like the appearance. Not because it is orange (this one is not), but it has a cool name and just looks kind of cool.

So, here it is, the Gokko Creepy reverb pedal.
Honestly, this is a lot more the type of reverb pedal I think I will like. Not with Church, Hall, Plate, Spring, etc… one that just lets you create, and set up til you get the sound you want. On that merit alone, it might be a winner.
It will be either,
Gokko Creepy
EHX Oceans 11
The last two are not easily available from Amazon at the moment, so trying this one out tonight.
Will let you know how it goes.

Creepy Reverb - in typical UNBOXING fashion.



Compressor review.

Please ignore my ULTRA SLOPPY playing.

I played a great loop at my apartment. I thought the Zoom had batteries in it. After getting all my stuff over at my friends house, the loop was gone.

In order to do this in the limited time I had, I had to crank out a new loop.

I played it one time thru, no warm up, I was very cold and sloppy as hell.

I did this as a test,
my first time in garage band,
my first time making tracks like this
First time exporting them thru e-mail to iPad,
first time creating a soundcloud account,
First time figuring that out,
First time linking them.

I also messed up and left the metronome on while recording. I think you can still get the idea.
The best example of the compression is the at the end, the fill from E string to D sting. Then there is one last riff as the Zoom record timed out. I think it is the best example of how I even the sound is played clean. The San June evens it out, but keeps it toned down a little… The Boss evens it out and makes it pop a bit. Very visually evident when looking at the sound stream in the track.

Here goes.
Date Rape Clean

Date Rape - San June Optical Compressor G8-cp

Date Rape - Boss Bass Comp BC-1X

LMK if you absolutely can not deal with the metronome clicks, and I will record another loop and repost the results.

Now that I know how, and now that I have a computer, I can start giving samples of what I am testing.
Maybe I will get a sample of the Gokko Creepy Reverb later on.


Hey Toby, @T_dub ,
I reckon the boss pedal sounds the cleanest, just need to get rid of the metronome click👍
Cheers Brian


Yeah, that is annoying, I didn’t know it was putting it in when I exported them last night via e-mail.
I just opened them tonight and it was there.

The Boss is a great compressor, it compresses and expands, basically it takes the low spots and raises them near the high spots (not necessarily Low and High as in tone, but low is quieter and high is louder)

The San June does the same great job, but it equals out the high and low volume in the middle, so it raises the low as much as it lowers the high points.

So the Boss really pops, and is great for cutting thru the mix and slapping and popping. If you want a really even bass that is not cutting thru to take away from vocals and other instruments, the San June is great.

I love them both, and am going to keep them both so I Have an option. I can see running the San June as the ALWAYS ON pedal, and then stepping on the Boss as a boosters that boosts a compressed signal.


I love my optical compressor too, something about the response being kind of smooth and subtle like you can hear in the San June there.

That said out of those two examples I think the Boss did a better job of actually compressing your bass. And neither were overdone at all.

This could just be specific settings though.


That is pretty much how I had them set up and what I was going after.
That said, they are set up pretty similar to each other , so it does show the specific difference between the two.
As I said, I like them both very much. If I was going to do anything other then highlight the differences between the compressors, I am sure I would tweak them a little bit, but the settings worked for this example.


It’s all good, that is what the forum is for. I think you did great. I’ve yet to go down these rabbit holes.


Oh man. I liked the sound of that Boss.


Ok, new loop, lost the metronome click, and got a half decent loop in the Zoom. This is a better loop for compression, as it is a slap loop.
This is “Take the Power Back” by Rage Against the Machine.
It is 4 bars long.
first bar is the main slap riff
second is main riff with a fill
third is main riff again
fourth is a fill
not exactly how it is played in the song, but because the fills pop up the neck on the D and G string, along with the riff having slaps on open Drop D “E” string, it is good to test the dynamic ranges of the compressors.

Not surprising to me, I thing the San June is the stand out winner, if there is a winner here. I think it does the best job with this type of playing.
I think the boss is better for plucking and chugging across strings however, but I love them both, they are the best I have found for where they shine.

Oh yeah, rig

Sterling Stingray Ray 4
Zoom B1-four (looper)
Boss Noise Supressor NS-2
(inactive) Dunlop Mini Bass Crybaby Wah
San June Optical Compressor G8-cp
Boss Bass Comp BC-1x
(inactive list)
Earthquaker Labs Plumes Over Drive
EHX Big Muff Fuzz
Zoom MS-60b (used as TC Electronics Corona Compressor)
TC Electronics Sub n Up Octave
MXR Bass Envelope Filter
Beheringer Bass BDI-21

Clean - RATM - Take The Power Back

San June G8-cp - RATM - Take The Power Back

Please wait for results, soundcloud issues I am sorting out

Boss BC-1X - RATM - Take The Power Back

Please wait for results, soundcloud issues I am sorting out

I am not going to get into compressor settings unless anybody wants me to play around with either compressor and post some results of it with less or more compression, ration, Attack, etc… I will be happy to if anybody requests.

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