Unexpected benefit of playing Bass

When I was young (I’m coming up on 70 in August) I had to be intoxicated to some extent to dance socially, or even when I was alone. But now I can’t play the Bass without moving. Especially when playing some of the song in the course and those I learned in other publication. I recently played with my drumming great nephew, and when I saw the video and pictures of us playing, I see myself making faces and movements I don’t remember making (and that was cool) . Part of my daily routine is to play "Pride and Joy, Some kind of Wonderful, I Put a Spell on You, etc. I now play the once fearsome “Billy Jean” effortlessly, as part of warming up. I recently upgraded my amp to a Fender that includes many presets and easy direct recording to my mac. The expression “sittin’ in butter” was a phrase I read in some book, to indicate one is doing well. So, in my musical world, I’m sittin’ in butter.


Good for you, @cajarmj61 . . . :slight_smile:

Great to hear you’re really getting into it . . . also wishing you a Happy B-day later on and continued success “sittin’ in butter” :+1:

All best, Joe


Haha that’s awesome @cajarmj61! I make a lot of weird faces while playing that I don’t make elsewhere in life too. And they look a lot like my dad’s bass faces too, must be genetic…


Forgot to mention, I recently attended a first piano recital of another Great Nephew, so a combo is born.


I love this, and will now be using it all the time. And congrats on the performance/skill/dance growth! This is all lovely to hear.


Thanks! and the good thing is that there is so much more to learn and I’m in love with learning.


It’s great to hear from another person my age who’s just learning the bass. I turn 70 in two weeks, and the bass guitar was my birthday present to myself.



I’m on my third Bass, I bought my first from a pawn shop, then I bought a used Bass from a local Guitar Shop. I bought my first new bass (Fender Precision) last November. Like waking up Christmas morning with a new bike under the tree. Hope your passion for bass and music grows as mine has. Getting the itch right now to play, especially something with lots of Ghost notes, something I’ve learned to appreciate and enjoy playing. As the youngsters used to say, "Play on, Playa!


I suddenly feel like a spring chicken, having just turned ‘only’ 51. Not that I’m implying ANYTHING about the Ladies’ ages. (can somebody take this shovel off me please). :flushed:

Anyway, back on topic; I recorded a short vid of myself playing along to a 12 bar blues backing track this morning, and as well as not realising I was still wearing my bathrobe, I also hadn’t realised how much I move around. The odd thing is I’m not moving in great time with the playing. Not sure what’s going on there as I think I’ve got decent rhythm.

Grooving while you’re grooving is definitely the way forward though. Perhaps I’m not the one to listen to though as this is one of my bass icons…