Unknown Bass Player!

Who is the best bass player that you know that no one else really knows about? Could be someone local, a teacher you’ve known, or could be someone in a bar band. For me it would be Joe Watford in Fultondale AL. He is better than any pro I’ve ever seen. He played in bands for years with his wife Donna as drummer locally in AL. The Fates never lined up right for him to make it big due to deaths, sickness and just bad luck but he can play anything. He uses a really old Squier Jazz with a worn out Crate amp and can nail the playing style of just about anyone. He also builds a pretty mean bass pretty much by hand. He has bad health these days but can still play circles around most professionals. What about your locals? Any gems among them?


Um… Corey Cofield.

He was a buddy of mine many years ago, played in a local band called “Solomon Grundy”. One of the best bassists I’ve ever heard… I still have their CD. “Chips and Salsa” and “Barstool” are great songs.

They broke up a long time ago, and we fell out of touch. I know he was repping Ken Smith and Aguilar a while ago, don’t know what he’s doing now, though.

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There’s a lady named Kelly who plays bass in a local rock band. She’s a small gal with small hands who plays 5 string bass mixed with electric upright bass It was she who inspired me to play 5 string bass, and also to persue electric upright bass.

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My cousin is an accomplished bass player. He toured for years with Guitar Shorty.


David William Kearney, known as Guitar Shorty, was an American blues guitarist, singer, and songwriter. He was known for his explosive guitar style and wild stage antics. Credited with influencing both Jimi Hendrix and Buddy Guy, Guitar Shorty recorded and toured from the 1950s until the 2020s.

My cousin also played with Neil Young and was the bassist in Neil Young’s wife’s band.