Up to Billy Jean: This should be fun

So I made it up to the Billy Jean lesson. “A tongue twister for your fingers” is correct. Thus far I have found the lessons to be fairly easy and a little drawn out. I am looking forward to conquering this beast!


She should be a piece of cake for you @Old_Noob… go get her done!


I know the song gets a bad rap here, but I enjoyed it when I did the course and didn’t find it that difficult.


It’s not nearly as hard as it is made out to be, but it is really tricky for that point in the course, for people with no guitar background. I found it to be a finger-twister for sure.


No, it’s not that hard, especially if you’ve played guitar for a while. It’s just a little tricky.

The real killer is endurance :flushed: It’s not too bad at lesson length, but can you imagine hearing in the headphones, “That was great Mr. Johnson. Let’s do one more. Billie Jean, take 47!”


Ok then. How do people get through this without their hand and wrist cramping up? I made it through the slow and medium. I can only get through one of the fast tempos before I wear out. and start getting sloppy. I am using my thumb in the ‘nuetral’ position and my wrist is not overly flexed, but damn…first piece that has given me trouble in the course.


It just takes time to build up coordination and endurance.

This is the first “real” workout in the course. Arguably it should be moved later :slight_smile:

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It is an Advil & ice bucket forearm killer. I figure that once I’m able to play the whole thing all the way through a couple of times straight, I’ll be able to crush tennis balls with my bare hands.


I didn’t manage that part in one hit , I took it up to medium workout before moving on but added it in as a warmup and found myself doing the pattern a lot while noodling ( still do )
Have fun :+1: