Update: Bass, Sing, Guitar

A lot has happened since I checked in here last. I stopped visiting the forums so much because I became the bassist at my church and was spending all my bass time making bass lines and practicing. (Thanks @JoshFossgreen for B2B, by the way. Without it I wouldn’t have had those skills.)

I’d already been filling in leading the singing when the main leaders needed a break. And somewhere along the way I became the song leader instead for reasons not important here. We had a guitar player who didn’t have the time to do anything long term. He’s a great friend, and as much as I enjoyed working with him on the music, he’s the first to admit that his skills are limited.

Before long, and without another lead instrumentalist, we had to go to singing with tracks. Alas.

Side note. I had JUST gotten to the point where I was ready to lead singing while playing bass lines. But the very first service where I’d planned to do it for the first time, the decision was made to switch to the tracks. Double-alas.

After a couple of weeks it occurred to me I could learn the guitar as well.

So I’m about 3 weeks into teaching myself guitar. Using a lot of principles from B2B (such as learn/practice techniques slow, and incrementally speed up when you can do it without mistakes.)

This may be too lofty a goal but I’m trying to get stage-ready within 2-3 months. With my previous music and instrument experience I think it’s doable. Progress is going well. I’ve even added in fingerpicking, as that’s the style of playing that most interests me. Although, I’m making sure to learn proper strumming as well.

I miss the bass. I hope to get another lead instrumentalist so I can sing and play bass instead. Although, I’d be lying if I said I’m not loving the guitar also.


So great to hear that you are blossoming musically. :clap:

I wish I could sing and play already - my big improvement in that area is that I am starting to feel the ones and twos and it is increasingly easier to use my voice to speak or count stuff out loud.

Let us know when you have any tips and tricks, if your time allows that. :smile:

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