Update on the bass I'm building

The problem I’m having is that there are so many different wiring diagrams for P-basses online and they’re all different. Some will show wire placement to the pots differently than others, even on 2 pickup diagrams.

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I took the bass into the shop today and I’m glad I did…I have a new friend! In 45 minutes, I learned more from Terry than I had on the internet. Not only did he correct my wiring and got it working but he also found a few other problems like bridge adjustment and pickup height…and he only charged me $15. After I make the corrections, he wants me to bring it back in and he’ll tune it. I can’t wait until tonight and tomorrow to work on it! I’m seeing a light at the end of the tunnel!


That’s some great news, @athosmr2003 . . . :slight_smile:

A trustworthy guitar tech is worth his weight in gold . . . :+1:



He’s been doing it since 1979 & I’ve never met anyone so patient. He answered every question I had.


Update 2.0
I fixed everything and took it back to the shop today. Terry found a few other things wrong, all to do with the neck. As he adjusted the saddles, he noticed that the truss rod was severely loose. He tightened it but wants me to play it and wait a week to make sure it’s OK. Otherwise, it’s ready to play!


I’m going to start my lessons tonight!