Upgrade to EMG GZRs in pbass?

Anyone done so? Worth it?comparison to stock?

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I’ve contemplated doing it, but never did since I was happy with my stock pickup. There are raving reviews about it on Talkbass.

I have the PJ set in one of my Aerodynes.
Geezers are great…but…they are a bit specific tonally. So if you like what they are doing then cool. Listening to YouTube videos comparing them to other pickups will give you a very accurate idea. I like having them as an option. Play little runs around frets 5-7 and you sound like Geezer.

Pickups aren’t necessarily ever “better than stock, depends on if you like the tone of the stock. That said, I’ve yet to keep a Fender stock pickup in a bass (except my ‘61 custom shop P as they are part of its sound.

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EMG Geezer is probably one of the first choice for people who wants EMG upgrade. Because,the solderless connection and passive. They are hotter than the regular passive pickups and nice and punchy tone. Love it.

Fender pickups are kind of famously average. I’ve never heard anyone argue they were very good. Never owned any myself though.


The CS ‘61 Jazz set is awesome and generally ranks up top with Fralins et al. I have them in my Squier and they kick butt.

The only “stock” pickup that I’ve had that ain’t bad at all is the Vintera MIM stock P. It was actually really good but I needed it’s home for the Les Claypools


I feel compelled to argue this because… but, but, Fender!
However, my experience with most Fender pickups is, “They’re fine. They’ll get the job done”
On the other hand, I really enjoy the Custom Shop 60’s Jazz pickups. They created something pretty special with those.


My bad. Didn’t mean to contribute to the thread jacking. I’ll try to redirect.

@Old_WannaBe If you can describe what you’re looking for in new pickups, maybe we can make some better suggestions.

Of course, if the EMG GZR pickup isn’t your cup of tea, Seymour Duncan have a couple of options as well. Some good comparison videos:


Mainly something with a bit more punch. I’m partial to the EMGs because I can’t solder


I installed the SD quarter pounders on one of my P’s and love them - it’s all what you’re after and what ever tickles your ears….

It’s very easy to learn. Watch a few YouTube videos and you’l be surprised how quickly you pick it up. Just buy a few extra pots the 1st time you do it, or practice on the old pot you took off. That is how I learned and I’ve done several instruments since then.



It’s a small learning curve but you get to the next level pretty quick. Just have to plan ahead. Getting to pro level maybe harder but you don’t need pro level skills for guitar/bass stuffs but they do look very cool. Pots selection has steeper learning curve I think.

+1 for Semour Duncan Steve Harris P pups.


I guess that’s not you selling the Fender Harris model on the northwest end?

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No. Not I.

That’s a good price though!

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