Upgrading to my 2nd bass after only 2 weeks!

Why the consideration on how long your Bass journey will be?

Music in general has been a lifelong journey for me. I am 72 now and started playing when I was 7.
I started to learn Bass at the beginning of 2021 and found it to be the easiest instrument to learn to play. Mastering the Bass is a different story. :slightly_smiling_face:

Hopefully you are taking the B2B course. I doubt if you can find anything better to learn Bass if you are a beginner. :+1:


Totally agree on that B2B is the best for a beginner, which I am doing.
Well for me the thing is that I usually tend to do that, start a hobby and later on kind of stop, find something else, move on. I guess thats the way I am,… happened with 99% of the things I started but of course open to the idea that sticks forever, wont be mad if thats the case! haha, cheers!


So i get this. If i kept at every hobby I’ve ever tried, I’d have buildings full of accessories. Hopefully, you’ll get the deep bite like all of us did.

I expected that id try for a while, learn a few intros and find it was beyond me. And that happened. But then i remembered how good it makes me feel to play. Then i played some and it wasn’t following notation. And i sucked. So i played some more.

Sometimes these days i can almost make things sound ok. I’m never gonna be a star, I’ll never be in a band, no one is wanting my autograph.

But when i pick up my bass, I’m always having fun-and that is really the main goal, innit?


Totally agree! the goal is having fun, feeling good, something positive!


I bought a Yamaha and it was the worst bass of any I have ever owned. So I bought a second thinking maybe I got a lemon. It was just as bad. I like a high gloss neck which these basses don’t have so I knew I was going to have to pull the neck off and finish it. I have a shop and work on guitars all the time so I can do anything with a guitar\bass I want. The basses also had horrible pickups in them. Not much output at all. The model you are thinking about buying has the onboard EQ so that will work nicely and the pickups should be fine. The first one I bought didn’t have the bridge grounded so the bass howled until I would put my hands on the strings. When I took it apart they hadn’t ran a wire to the bridge. The bass had no shielding in it at all. I took it completely apart and shielded teh body with shielding paint then replaced the pickups with Dimarzio’s. I replaced teh pots with Bourns 250k audio tapers using a push\pull pot on the tone pot so I could switch tone capacitors. It now has a .047 & .10 microfarad caps in it. I finished the neck in high gloss and replaced the strings with Fender 100% nickle strings. The bass is not amazing and I wouldn’t sell it. I did the same to the second on but that one has higher output Guitar Fetish pickups in it. Again its amazing. I think from my perspective no matter the price point it seems I have always found something about each bass I don’t like that the factory puts into it or doesn’t put into it. I own 22 basses and each has been tweaked a bit so I am good with it. Several years ago I caved in and thought I woudl purchase a custom Fender. The first one arrived damaged and the neck was satin finished and not high gloss. It was returned and another ordered to replace it. That one was fine but again satin finish and not high gloss. I was told they would not be able to get me one in the high gloss finish for that model. They again took the bass back and I cancelled the order. I then found one in a shop in New Jersey and bought it and tweaked it pulling the neck off and finishing it in high gloss. I however paid 1/4 the price for this one and now wouldn’t sell if for any amount of money. Good luck with your purchase hopefully you get a bass “You” are satisfied with. If you keep at it someday you will own so many and you will be tweaking them to become what you want in them!!


thats very intersesting! so far it meets my expectations and feels great, compared to the cheap bass I had,… I am just starting maybe I will get higher standars in the future, but so far I feel its a good solid step into bass :slight_smile:


Nice choice and welcome to the B2B family.

Having something that’s comfortable to play makes you’re journey so much more enjoyable and may entice you to keep at it.

I think back to my teenage years when I first tried guitar. I bought a guitar in the 90s that would probably be the equivalent of around US$450 one today. My two guitar playing friends had a go and commented how much easier it was too play. For me, it was the neck that made it comfortable.

I didn’t stick with it at the time, but I kept the guitar and got back into it as an adult with it. I’ve since sold it after GAS took over and I ended up with multiple and wanted another. With no room to keep anymore, I sold it.

My son was excited to play guitar and we got him an acoustic thinking that’s what he’d learn at school. He loved it and was so excited. Turns out they had 3/4 size electric. He didn’t enjoy the acoustic in comparison. Wish we’d got him an electric as he gave up. I’ll be left forever wondering if a guitar he was happy playing would have made the difference. May not have as the lure of electronic gaming took over as that’s what all his friends do.


Yamaha generally makes a top notch product; generally you hear very few bad experiences with them. I’ve owned several (both guitars and basses) and they were all fantastic instruments priced well below their quality level.

I’d stack the BB734A I owned up against MIA Fender any day, both tone and fit/finish.


Which model(s) of Yamaha were these?

I have 23 and have tweaked or done a lot of modding to all but 8.
Lakland 55-02
Fender CS '61P
Peavey T-40
Gretsch G5123B
Kala U-Bass
Traveller Bass
Hofner 500/1 (German Made)

The above all have a tone concept / look / functionality I wanted then and there.
All the rest had one or more of the above but like you say needed tweaking for the bits I did not like. But I bought them knowing that going in and knowing what I was going to do with/to each of them.

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