Useful site for improv

Happy new year everyone,

I wanted to share a cool website I’ve been using for improvising my own lines. Josh has given us quite a few tips on how to compose our own bass lines but due to the pandemic most of us can’t really jam with our friends in person.

I’ve discovered Wikiloops where people upload their own free backing tracks. There are numerous bass-less tracks that you can download, record your own bass and then re-upload. Similarly, you can upload your own tracks and have other musicians (guitarists, drummers, singers you name it) upload their takes. I’ve found it really helpful for coming up with my own bass lines. It is also very interesting to see how many different lines people can come up with for the same backing track. The good news is that many of the tracks include a note of the cord progressions so no need to be a transcribing pro to do this!

There’s also a similar website called Kompoz but I haven’t tried it yet so if anyone has let me know your thoughts.

Hope this helps!


thnks for this…I’ve been using jam tracks on youtube but I’m looking forward to trying these out.


This looks great, look forward to diving in deeper. I really like the collaboration aspect. Thanks for sharing.