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It seems that there are quite a few users from Europe and Asia on these forums. More so than most other forums I tend to be on that have .com addresses (as opposed to .uk or some other region). I was just wondering if there is a reason behind this that is greater than just your typical internet accessibility explanation.

What I mean by this is: Is playing bass more common/popular/accessible in other parts of the world than in America?

Tokyo certainly seems like a popular place, and I am sure there is a non-zero number of people that play bass because of the culture in Tokyo and the massive availability of the instrument there. Is the same true in other parts of the world?


There must be a reason the Bass Show is always in London…


Tokyo is popular but as far as I know I am the only living one here on the forums. Would love to be wrong about that :slight_smile:


There are a few of us here in the UK but that is probably because we invented music :grin:


Didn’t we invent tea as well?
And biscuits?


This is not where I saw this thread heading…

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An interesting question @brandoncmurphy, especially since the first electric bass was supposedly designed and developed in Seattle Washington back in the 1930’s.

Granted, the double bass was a somewhat ‘morphed’ version of the European cello and referred to as a bass violin until (possibly) the players bow broke during the middle of a song and the only way he (or she) could play the damn thing was by plucking the strings instead of sawing on them!! :joy::joy:.

Anyway, it is great that the instrument is gaining popularity throughout all ‘genres’ of music, and I believe “genres” can be conceived as more the ‘cultural’ designator rather than the mere (ethnic or country?) designator…???..

The B2B course pretty much hits many of these different music genres - something pretty cool in my book…

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