Using a pre amp with an external pre amp

I keep reading articles where it says you should use a pre-to help change the sound, but then I see multiple stories of using this or that Pre-amp will make the sound better. My question is, if your amp head already has a pre-amp can you plug in an additional pre-amp to be run at the same time and utilizing the same motes,? Or would That end up frying electronics?9


An amp has a preamp and a poweramp.

You can use any preamp pedal (eg sansamp, darkglass) in front of your amp or in the fx loop.

Think most people use it in front. Usually a preamp pedal is at the end of your pedalboard.

Personally I don’t like to mix two preamps so when I use a preamp pedal I go straight into the return fx loop of the amp to skip the preamp of the amp. In this example I only make use of the poweramp which powers the speakers with your sound.

Both cases work. It really depends on what sound you are after.

You won’t fry electronics unless you use wrong voltage on pedals or you accidentally plug something in the speaker out of your amp :sweat_smile:


You can run multiple EQ’s with no problem especially if you don’t have gains, volumes, everything else dimed. Just know that the best tone comes from blending them together so it’s a give and take game and even with one of them flat sometimes it’s still adding something. Just watch the gain levels and you should be fine. Also if you have an active EQ bass sometimes they hum but it’s a rare thing especially with the newer equipment and if it does hum just turn gains down as well as preamp levels and it’ll mitigate that. Personally I use 2 EQ pedals and they blend together nicely.

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You probably have a lot of tone shaping capabilities in your signal chains. I’d just use one one and the rest on center detent. Though, some preamp offer special mid shaping then I use that when I need it.

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