Using Rocksmith 2014 Remastered for practice

Rocksmith 2014 is maybe the reason why I’m learning bass today and also why I’m here.

I didn’t bring it in my presentation post, but I have some (light) musical background from my childhood where my parents tried to make me learn music the “classic” way: solfege lessons, instrument lesson (french horn for me), and even symphony orchestra repetitions and so on.

For various reasons, I globally hated it and I stayed on the fact/impression that playing music just wasn’t for me (which was also fine, since I have developed some honorable skills in other creative fields).

It’s a discussion on a forum that made me aware of this game, and some users even argue that they learned guitar with it, and are now in a group etc.
So I thought: lets give it a try, it’s mostly the “context” of the music school that I didn’t like after all, so I bought a bass, bought Rocksmith, and lets try this again. And if it fails again, well, at least I tried it twice.

Clearly, I have to thanks this little game for making me take this road again.

That was a bit more than a month ago, today Steam says I have 5h logged in, and I’m in the middle of Module 7 of B2B.

What happened?
I realized that even with the (ultra light) lessons included, I wouldn’t go anywhere: the game is fun, but once I plugged back on my amp, my sound was shitty and completely different than when playing in the game, I realized that with this tool alone, I would develop very bad habits and not learn to play properly.
So I took B2B, and I didn’t relaunch the game since. :slight_smile:
(And those lessons - by the way - exceeded all my expectations: the more I play the more I enjoy it, and that wasn’t an easy win on me)

I think that now that I have a better technique and at least some muscular memory, I will maybe launch Rocksmith again, especially now that I’m looking to tablature’s websites to start playing songs, but it’s clearly not enough alone for a pure beginner.


What’s interesting about this thread is that if you see playing music as fun, or as a game, it makes it less likely you’ll give up, from having to do some of the drier or more rigorous aspects of practicing.

Though I haven’t played bass through a video game console, I still see the playalongs, and the jam tracks as a sort of game, hitting the right notes, at the right time, and it sounds good, so it becomes cool & fun.

Right now I’m trying to see getting into rhythm as a game. Just hitting the note at the exact right time, to a beat. 1…2…3…4

And then, if you can do it, it’s like a feeling you “won” something. And even if you don’t do it, oh well, no real harm, just hit the reset button and start over, until you “win” :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: It’s almost like if you see practicing that way, it doesn’t feel like “practice.”


bump, since its currently on sale at steam till 11 May

no more new dlc releases

rocksmith to tab

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I own this for Xbox but never use it. I’m not a huge fan of just having notes scroll at me and trying to keep up, it is kind of fun as a game, but I don’t find it to be a good learning tool (for me, everyone learns differently). It does have some cool features that I would prob play around with more if I could solve the issue with the delay. There is a good 1/2 to 1 second delay between playing a note and hearing it in the game which is what really kills it for me. It would be more fun without that.

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hey thanx for this, rich. never saw this before, ordered it for my ps4.

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I have it as well. I think I got it for myPs4 in 2014. I’ve probably played it 10+ hours. It is pretty fun, but I struggle with the guitar hero—like graphics. Back then, I thought it was going to offer more instruction content like B2B.

No comparison. Thanks for the fine work Josh!

There is some latency as well, but if I remember I was able to adjust that down a bit, and run my signal through a DI box to create my own pre-mix monitor into a small practice amp. Then, I had the PS4 through my stereo. That was pretty sweet as I remember.

I guess I should try it again!

Also, for all of you that have it… that real tone cable should allow you to play bass into a PC or Mac. I actually used mine for a while before I got an Audio Interface. I’ve used the cable a lot more than the actual game.



Rocksmith 2014 is on sale on the PS4 right now for $5.99, so I got that yesterday. I had ordered the cable before. Once I inverted the strings to put the E on the bottom (on the screen I mean), it’s not bad. It doesn’t have quite the feel of playing bass, because I find it a little bit hard to hear myself in the mix, and I think there’s a tiny latency. I think if you just learn to play bass by Rocksmith, you would probably have a pretty janky sound. But it’s a fun video game and gets a little practice moving your fingers around, and you might learn some songs. I think it is best paired with some more deliberate, “real” playing practice where you listen to yourself carefully and get some technique guidance.