Using the amp with the DAW

Is there any advantage at all with plugging the bass into the amp as I always do, and then use the XLR to my DI on my DAW?


If your amp has a pre-amp you like you get the sound of that pre-amp in your recording. You can use your bass as a monitor to hear your playing.

That said you can probably get a pre-amp that sounds as good or better for free from a plugin


100%, there’s really no reason to use an amp for recording any more. Amp/cab sims sound as good or better. As in, even if your SVT sim doesn’t sound exactly like a SVT, it’s still going to sound better than your Rumble 40.


The only advantage I can think of is having color of your preamp in the signal chain as opposed to going direct into DAW. But this will only work if your XLR out is post EQ. Depending on the amp this can be hardwired or you will see pre/post EQ switch.


Yeah, I’m not sure on that. I believe one of the knocks against the Rumble was that the XLR out bypasses the EQ. But, the amp I was considering is my new Ampeg RB-210. I’m still setting up/building my DAW. It’s a Linux setup, so I’m learning as I go.


From the manual:

It seems you can get preamp color and overdrive on top of it.


Yeah! Very nice! I’ll try it out and see how I like it. I got a 2 channel Scarlett, so that work nicely with the mic. Though I work in IT and do not doubt the plugins are as good I am sure, I still like knobs…especially while holding the bass.


You’re actually stuck with the pre-amp color. I have that amp, and reading the reviews people had to turn the volume up at least half to not get hissing noise from the DI. If you don’t want the speaker volume you can plug in headphones and that turns off the speaker.


I haven’t tried it out, but I would imagine 500 watts of power might be pretty annoying if you have to crank it to get the gain you need. I love the sound of the amp however. Even a low volume it’s so much warmer than my Rumble 40. I know the comparison isn’t fair, but I do love this amp.

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You can always put a DI box in front of your amp.


Linux, huh? Do you have a penguin sticker on your bass too? Just joking, but Linux and musician isn’t something I often see together in a post.

When in doubt, RTFM.

It’s come a long way, and you can do some legit stuff with it nowadays. I like it because it’s free and I have more control. I work in IT; support Windows Server primarily, but I’ve been really disappointed in Windows over the past 7 or 8 years on the Desktop. Nobody at work was excited about Windows 11. Macs are a bit better, but they all want to own you. Linux probably isn’t as polished, but it picked up my Scarlet DI just fine. It works, and there are a number of DAWs available for it now…including some that are available for MAC and Windows.

Bitwig in particular is available, yeah, along with Reaper.

I have been a mac user and developer since the late ‘80s and this has literally never been a thing. I don’t understand why people think this.

I use linux as well, and have used it as my main desktop in the past for years at a time, and I can confidently say the FOSS options on the mac are just fine.

I even mained Gentoo for three years and frankly I am just fine not being able to tweak and build the kernel on my mac, after years of being literally forced to for each update :rofl: