Value of your exercises

I’m a 67-year old who started the course in March 2018 and completed it in about three months. I had a brief experience with the bass in high school and actually took lessons for a few months, but didn’t stick with it. Nevertheless, the interest in the instrument was never completely lost, and when I listen to a song, I almost always listen to the bass lines.

Josh, I really enjoyed the course, but felt I was struggling with the mechanics of playing the instrument. Then, several weeks ago, I came across a couple of your YouTube video lessons: “How to Learn Bass Scales”, and “5 Levels of Bass Finger Exercise”. Those were exactly what I needed: ways to practice and improve command and, as a result, speed. I finally feel like I’m making progress again.

Do you think the BassBuzz course would be improved if you incorporated some of these exercises along the way?

Thanks for all your efforts, which allow many of us to pursue our love of this instrument!


@wmunch Welcome to the forum and thank you for reminding me of these two great videos.
I am a few days into the course and I will incorporate them into my daily practice


Welcome to the forum @wmunch! I’m glad those videos helped get you past some of the struggle you were experiencing.

That’s a good question. I definitely intend to focus on that kind of technical detail stuff more in a followup course. While there is some amount of that in Beginner to Badass (like the finger-exercise-style play-alongs in Module 6 for example), I chose to keep the technical minutae as light as possible, while still hammering in fundamentals.

The thing about fretting technique is that you never finish working on it, and you can’t get it all right at once. So while I like to give beginners enough technical instruction to avoid bad habits later down the road, it’s impossible to get into all the details of fretting technique at once without massive overwhelm.

So there’s definitely lots more to come in the next course. In the meantime, I have heard this feedback from a few other people, so I’d consider incorporating some bonus finger exercise videos into the B2B course at some point too. Thanks for your feedback!