Victor Wooten interview by Julia (Thomann)

They talk a lot about how to teach music and bass in particular. The way we learn a language and how that compares to music.
Very interesting, Victor is such a nice guy I think it is worth sharing.
And in case you want to know how to do acrobatics with the bass on stage he also has a few tips haha


Awesome, thanks for sharing.

Btw, your screen name, are you from @TheBronx,
My mom was born and raised there.

Glad you liked it :+1:
Actually no, I have never been to the States :grin: It is just a nickname, I like how it sounds but can’t remember when I started using it.

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Yeah, I have never been to the Bronx either. I was in NY city for about 6 hours a few years back, that was enough for me. way too many people in that small cramped space.
It is a good screen name, it does the trick of sounding cool.

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